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I was walking my dog yesterday in the city and a huge amount of snow fell and landed on my head an shoulders, actually cutting the side of my face as there was ice in it. Are there any laws about this sort of thing that anyone knows of? Thanks Barb

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Hi, I've been working in Swiss Romande and returning home to my french residence (where my wife and children live) each weekend. I'll be working in Zurich soon and so, for the first 3 months anyway, it will be difficult for me to travel back home each weekend, so instead I will return home once every two weeks and then see if my family can move down with me. So I'm not sure if this affects my G permit and my tax situation. I'm taxed at source already and sure this will continue in Zurich, but I'm not sure if there will be questions about my G permit as it actually says on the permit that it is necessary to return home at least once per week. Any advice on this i.e. is my G permit ok for Zurich and returning home to France once every two weeks, would be gratefully received. Thanks, James

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Can someone tell me what I need to open a bank account in Switzerland? I do not live there yet, but thought I would check before I come. justwondering

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TopQuotes is a British owned general insurance broker based in Cyprus and the UK. We are the only British broker licensed by the Cypriot authorities and this license can be passported into any other European Union country. Having traded successfully in Cyprus for two years we are now looking to roll out this business model into other European territories and we are looking to recruit qualified experienced insurance professionals who wish to live in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or France. These roles will suit someone looking to relocate to the territory in question or someone already there who is looking for a business opportunity. Either way we want dynamic creative and resourceful professionals able to work under their own initiative as well as following certain pre-determined procedures. Successful candidates will own one third of the new business venture and will work with the other directors of TopQuotes to set up the business, recruit staff, develop relationships with insurers and import the TopQuotes brand into the chosen territory. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity please contact Laurence Besemer on laurence.besemer@topquotes.com.cy or Jordan Maskell on jordan@topquotes.com.cy www.topquotes.com.cy

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I know that Switzerland has new laws about purchasing property, and was wondering about the "B Permit," if I have that then I am able to buy property, right.? correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

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Hi thereMy husband just got notice that he (we) willl be transferred to Switzerland in April. I have so many questions, I don't know where to start.I am looking forward to telling people I have a Swiss bank account (heehee). Can anyone open one, I mean do I just go to a bank there and say "hello, I live here now and would like to deposit 200 dollars here".May sound like a dumb question, but I have nooooo idea. Thanks for an answerjustwondering

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Hello all,I'm planning a trip to Germany in few weeks, and I was just wondering if anyone might know where I can change Swiss Francs into Euros where there isn't a huge fee?I don't have a proper bank account here yet so I guess I'll have to use a commercial moneychanger's (but when I tried that in Italy they took 20 PERCENT as a fee!!).Anyone know a good place?Thanks,jules

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There has been some recent changes by UK Inland Revenue (HMRC) to UK pension regulations which affect every British expat living in France.This has provided an opportunity for British expats to take advantage of these changes for the benefit of themselves and their families, both now and in the future.In order to benefit from these changes expats in France have to take action as soon as possible as they are only available on request.We have created a simple to undertstand FREE guide that will explain both the changes and the benefits to British expats as well as the steps that need to be taken in order to benefit from the new regulations.This affects individuals who are currently recieving pension benefits and those who have pensions they have not yet drawn down.The new benefits can be obtained from all types of pensions includingAVC'soccupational pensions from previous employment,personal private pensions,executive pensions.SERPSFor the free guide simply email a request tofreepensionguide@gmail.com

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Hi everyone! Does anyone know if the old Swiss bills are still any good and if I can use them. My Auntie from Italy said she would send me some money she found in her wallet, but was here last time in 1988! I sure hope they are! Heaven knows how much she is going to send. Would appreciate knowing. newgirlintown

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Hi there I have some legal issues about various things having moved to Switzerland just a short time ago, and not sure just where to go about looking for someone English speaking and knowledgeable about this kind of stuff.

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It seems the Swiss are forever running to vote for this and that, or I am wrong here. Can someone tell me about how the system works? Would be great to know more. Thanks

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I want to open a bank account in Switzerland, my husband was transferred here a few weeks ago. I don't really know anyone yet to help me with a problem. I know a little German, but not really enough technical words. I don't really want to stand there with a dictionary and look like a fool! Do you think most banks speak English?newgirlintown

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I am leaving my apartment end of June, and everyone tells me that Switzerland is very picky with the cleaning process afterwards. Does anyone know about this. Thank you. Jenny

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I have been living in Switzerland for 15 years and my father will move to a seniors home in the fall. I have lots of belongings that I would like to have here, but too many to take back with an empty suitcase. Does someone know how I can find out about home much and how I can get my stuff here? thank you

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