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Here's a simple question- Where may I eat TAPAS in Zurich??? I'm a big fan of Spanish cuisine!

started by: Aleksandar-889737 · last update: 1367874997 · posted: 1367434892

Hi there, I'm completely in love with Italian food therefore I would like to cook a recipe that I have tried long time ago at an Italian restaurant in Florence. The recipe name is Spaghetti Carbonara, does anyone know what the key ingredients for this recipe are? I think it's quite popular in Italy...

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1367869496 · posted: 1367669301

Are there any places from where I can buy Italian Gelato, in Zurich? Nothing compares with Italian Ice Crem, my favourite one!

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1364914405 · posted: 1364757642

Oh, seems that Ikea has taken chocolate cake off the menu! :( I must confess that was my favourite cake! Where can I find the recipe?

started by: Aleksandar-889737 · last update: 1364758264 · posted: 1362086098

Hi, I'm looking for lasagna recipes! Can anyone help? I just returned from Italy where I discovered lasagna...I really want to try this at home!!!!!

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1364483493 · posted: 1363796394

Hi friends, Where can I find Burrito in Zurich? I'm in love with mexican food!!! Hopefully, someone around might help...

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1364232149 · posted: 1363887682

I have these Argentinian Friends that told me about their traditional delicacies. I would love to try some of them like Argentinian meat that is very famous worldwide, mate drink and many others. Maybe somebody could reccomend me a great Argentinian Restaurant in Zurich...?!!!

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1363887154 · posted: 1363887154

A friend of mine from Argentina just told me about an argentinian traditional drink called "MATE"! I want to try this so is there anyone who might help me with a mate recipe??? I never tried it before that's why I'm very anxious...  

started by: bff-bog · last update: 1362511819 · posted: 1362467177

does anyone know where you can buy chocolate-caramel Rolo candies? I need them for a recipe, and have no idea where. Or is there a Swiss substitute? They will have to "melt" in a cake recipe. Thanks barbwhite

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1360757775 · posted: 1360359733

Does anyone know a delicious recipe of chocolate cake? I'm not an expert when it comes to sweets so an experienced advice will help me a lot. I'm looking for an easy recipe in order to surprise my husband on Valentine's day.

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1359660484 · posted: 1359540500

Does anyone know a restaurant around where I can eat Paella? I've just return from Barcelona and I must confess that I'm in love with Spanish traditional food.

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1358940631 · posted: 1358453077

Hi, When it comes to pizza, like all Italians, I simply adore it. I was wondering which is the best pizza home delivery here in Zurich? Thank you!

started by: RaniaS · last update: 1358267346 · posted: 1358267346

Hi, Are there any arabic people around? Maybe someone could help me to find a middle eastern food store in Zurich from where I can buy tasty ingredients. I have tried to cook some traditional arabic dishes before but without authentic ingredients was not the same thing...

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1357735182 · posted: 1357414069

Hello, I need a caterer for my husband birthday but I am on a quite tight budget. I am looking for a food catering package for 15-20 CHF. Unfortunately I can't afford an expensive menù. Any suggestions?

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1357733687 · posted: 1357682224

Hi, I recently moved to Zurich and I must admit that I'm quite excited! Which are the best places to party around???? I don't have any idea about the party spots here so your suggestion will be more than welcome!   Thank you,   Mario  

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I tried to make a coffe this morning and it seems that my coffe maker is not working anymore. It's not big deal as it stopped working after about 5 years...Now I have this idea of buying a new one and I'm quite interested in buying an Nespresso maker. Do you know any Nespresso store in Zurich? Did anyone bought an Nespresso coffe machine, are you satisfied with it? Thanks in advanced!  

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1354198476 · posted: 1354054539

For my birthday this year I thought it might be interesting to organize something special. So I will gather my best friends and planto go at a good Asian restaurant  downtown to eat Sushi. Maybe the locals can sell us some good tips about which one is the best Chinese Restaurant in Zurich?

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1354039772 · posted: 1353876393

Hi Everyone, I'm a Norwegian coffee addict living in Zurich for a while and I'm curious to find-out which are the best cafes in the area???? Do you have any suggestion of cozy places that serve delicious coffee?    

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Can any of you recommend some good pubs and restaurants please?

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I would like to know if anybody knows where i could buy Turkey Bacon Thanks for any Info Sandy

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