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Wanted to do a proper eggs benedict for sunday brunch ... anyone know where i can find english muffins in zurich ? checked out globus and jelmoli to no avail, there are "roggen" english muffin-like things in the coop, but they are too strongly flavored for the dish thought there was an expat store in zug but i cannot find a webpage saw the american store online in geneva, but they did not have them thanks !

started by: hans-177104 · last update: 1320672767 · posted: 1317141863

hello can someone tell me about online stores in Switzerland that sell baking goods from the USA that can't be found in grocery stores here? Chocolate chips, brown sugar, chocolate dipped raising, graham wafer crumbs to name a few....thank you hans

started by: newgirlintown-177198 · last update: 1306145547 · posted: 1305884353

I have so many baking recipes that call for brown sugar and can't seem to find it in Switzerland. Can I just replace it with white?Thanksnewgirlintown

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1299859218 · posted: 1299664939

I have all of my recipes in Fahrenheit, and need them in Celcius here to bake and cook. Anyone know of a reliable change-site.My cake recipes says 325°F.ThanksJenny

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Looking for a nice restaurant to go to in Basel, will be there in a couple of weeks time. Any suggestions?ThanksCUsoon

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Don't you just love those Swiss coffee capsules? You aren't the only one, i just found this on CNBC newsAnnual sales at its premium coffee capsules Nespresso brand exceeded 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.1 billion) for the first time, Nestle said.Wow.

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I have been trying to find HP sauce to make ribs and just for dipping meat. Can anyone tell me where to buy some?Thankshmw

started by: hmw · last update: 1296482755 · posted: 1295911581

I would like to try out some typically Swiss recipes, but not sure if there are any books out there in English. I love to cook, and often see good things in restaurants that are "typical" that I would like to try out myself.Roesti, gschnetzltes (or however you spell it) and Basel onion pie - to name a few.Suggestions appreciated.hmw

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Can someone tell me please about tipping in Switzerland and how that works. If I go for supper and pay let's say Sfr. 100.00, how much tip should I leave? I don't want to be cheap, but also not overdue it!

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Is there such a thing as Molases (not sure I got the spelling right?) in Switzerland, and if so where do I find it. Want to try my Grandmother's Baked Beans recipe, but NEED some molases for it to taste right!! Barbara Lorie p.s. any tips appreciated.

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1290183861 · posted: 1284210065

I have friends coming from Canada next week, and am stocking up the bar. Can't seem to find Clamato Juice anywhere. Can someone tell me where is Lucerne or even Zug ZH or Basel that I can get some a.s.a.p.?ThanksJudy

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Hello all I am thinking of writing a cookbook of Swiss favourites, and if you would like to be part of it, just send me a note or your email address and I will tell you more. Do you have a favourite passed down to you by you in-laws or family that you would like to share - then I'd like to hear about it. Thanks! Cookbook

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Have a posting of various wines - red, white rose from here there and everywhere. Anyone interested? Jenny

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1284656939 · posted: 1283782883

We are thinking of having a pub night in Lucerne after a hiking in the region, can anyone suggest a fun place to have this held? mg

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1284621623 · posted: 1283783010

Was at the Expat Expo in Zurich yesterday, and found it really helpful in many ways. I was looking for a place that promoted online American products, and was surpised not to find any. Can anyone help? Found some .coms myself, but postage prices are amazinly high. Is there a Swiss company that does this? Steve

started by: CUsoon-177736 · last update: 1284505283 · posted: 1273308473

I have been looking all over for brown sugar, and can't seem to find it anywhere. All I can find is granulated (not packable.) , and I think that will throw off my recipies. CUsoon

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Hi Am going to Basel next week by train for a day of shopping, any suggestions where to go for lunch? Lea

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1283196232 · posted: 1283160451

I love sushi, but not sure how to find a place in Zurich? thanks Denis

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1281803122 · posted: 1281803122

Will be with friends in September, and wondering where to go with them on a Friday night. We are all mid 30's- a open to anything fun.Great if someone has ideas,Sheila

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1277674530 · posted: 1277674530

Looking for a good English pub in Zurich, with food to match?! any suggestions? Steve

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