started by: Mel-177911 · last update: 1276937765 · posted: 1276767220

I'm going for lunch with a friend of mine in Lucerne. Can anybody make a suggestion for a place to eat? thanks

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1275554338 · posted: 1273790306

Was thinking of taking a boat trip on the Lake of Lucerne, can someone tell me about where they leave from?ThanksMG

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1274303215 · posted: 1273790252

Looking for a good pizzeria in Lucerne or area next week while visiting.mg

started by: Sporty-177372 · last update: 1273570162 · posted: 1272391320

Can anybody recommend a website where I can find a few new ideas for my cooking? not kind of fancy high standard recipes, but things I can try out e.g. to make a bit of a different wok or pasta dinner... thanks

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1273308880 · posted: 1268670354

Have been having a discussion with friends about Rösti in Switzerland. Should they be made with raw or cooked potatoes. Help end this discussion and give me some input please!! Judy

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1272041738 · posted: 1272041738

Anyone have any English Jamie Oliver Books to sell? would be very interested. ThanksJenny

started by: cookies-177595 · last update: 1270726689 · posted: 1270560221

Does somebody know where I can get it (I mean pick it)? Or am I do early, what do you think?

started by: Aussie-177827 · last update: 1270459315 · posted: 1270313700

HI everybody, I wanna start making my own sushi as I do not have a shop to buy them close by. Can anybody recommend a Asia Food store where I can buy the incredients? Area Lucerne/ Sursee. Thanks

started by: barb-177084 · last update: 1269694546 · posted: 1269360503

We are looking for someone to cater to a small family gathering in April, our apartment is definitely too small to cook for 12 people. Thinking of a nice buffet style arrangement, with perhaps a warm meal after the aperitif. Thanks barb

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1268150704 · posted: 1266875982

I noticed that hardly any recipes ever call for baking soda in Switzerland. Is there an equivalent here? Lea

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1266868992 · posted: 1266604757

Are there any groups that meet up in Lucerne or Zug bi-weekly or so for an afterwork drink?mg

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1266398401 · posted: 1263061107

I'm asking a traditonal (or experienced) Swiss person what kind of white wine I should serve best with a cheese fondue? Friends from abroad are visiting me and I want to prove to them that I'm already quite Swiss... thanks for your help.

started by: justwondering · last update: 1266141298 · posted: 1254469903

Are there lots of bars for foreigners (expats) in the cities, where I will be able to meet others once I get to Switzerland?

started by: skiier · last update: 1262272214 · posted: 1261342551

Can someone reccomend an online store for wine (New World) Thanks Skiier

started by: skiier · last update: 1261342483 · posted: 1261342483

What is typical for Swiss people to eat during the Christmas holidays? Skiier

started by: cookies-177595 · last update: 1260109602 · posted: 1259798454

I am looking for a good recipe to make the Swiss cookies Basler Brunsli. Does anyone have one for me? Thanks cookies

started by: fordforever · last update: 1259791421 · posted: 1258270334

Good Morning. Can someone suggest a place to go for Sunday Brunch. We live in Cham. Either Lucerne or Zug. It could also be in Zurich. Want to take some friends visiting from the U.S. in December. That would be great find out. Thanks Fordforever

started by: barb-177084 · last update: 1259791259 · posted: 1259791259

Does anyone know about Christmas parties going on for people that have no family to celebrate with? Thanks Barb

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1259626699 · posted: 1259309655

With the Christmas season coming and me staying in Switzerland, I would like to stock up on some products that aren't sold in a lot of shops here. Are there online shops that send to Switzerland that anyone knows of? Sheilab

started by: BarbaraLorie-177085 · last update: 1259192635 · posted: 1251500812

I love to cook, but sometimes my husband would rather have some "Swiss Food". I need some cookbooks or recipes to get me started, anyone know of any good ones? BarbaraLorie

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