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I really need help with my teeth. I have a really bad set of teeth. mainly due to me coming from a poor family and they didn't really invest in oral hygiene. Now there are really obvious dark stains that are visible. and I don't dare to smile. My school dentist advised me to do internal bleaching but I heard that it's expensive, but I really want a good set of teeth

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I am looking for an antiaging treatment, whether if it is a product, a salon treatment...any procedure that provides good results???

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1425676753 · posted: 1425676753

Does anyone know where I can buy a book with Pilates exercises? thanks  

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What is best way to receive international calls from the US if US caller does not have high-speed internet. just use calling cards? anyone have advice on this matter?

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1425398400 · posted: 1425398400

Is it hard to find a PR job in Switzerland?? Anyone working in the industry that can give me advice??   Thanks

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This is probably asked before but what is it like now? We are expats that just moved here so often we ask ourselves if we should stay? We've managed to establish good (not great) jobs here and life is good but we don't know much about the job market- especially when it comes to more professional jobs.If you could give true honest observations/experiences that'll be great.

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I was thinking of a new swimming routine, 7 am in the morning. Will I be too tired to work? and also is there any swimming complex crowded in the early morning?

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I am getting ready to submit apps for primary school for my kids to start in fall 2015. I have narrowed the list down to between 4-10 schools. Not sure how many I should consider applying to though in order to ensure they get into at least a few for us to pick from. Will be going out to Lucerne to visit schools in November but seems I need to get the applications in before then. What is a reasonable number of schools to apply to to ensure we have several to pick from-- one child going into kindergarten and the other into pre-K. Thanks

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Hi everyone!My husband and I will be moving to Lucerne in May with our 4 month old son. We are currently in UK with our awesome Filipina nanny and would like for her to come with us to Switzerland. Does anyone know how we can get her to come with us to Switzerland immediately without having to wait many months as I have read there are other ways to do this?Thanks everyone!Claire

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Heya, Does anyone know a professional stylist who would be able to realize a professional haircut for me? If so can you recommend?   Thanks.

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Hey ladies, Unsure if this has been asked before - I searched through Beauty and Electronics both but could not find a similar query. Do you guys have hair dryers, hair irons that conk out for some reason or the other and are not covered by warranty? Is there any reliable electrician that I can go to for repair? I have a GHD straightener which is under warranty but sadly I'd have to send it all the way to UK for repairs... If you know anyone who's repairs your beauty electronics please let me know! Evelyn

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Hoping you can help me. I'm not very smart when it comes to electronics, I'm always a lot of steps behind. Hoping you can help me with simple English. Where should I get tv and DVD player and is there anything else I should get? I also need to set up internet, home phone. Any idea how to watch Australian tv now that Australia network is about to be cut. Also is there any company or individual I can hire to put all this together... Thanks for your help

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Hi, anyone wearing smart watches? Wanna share your experiences? I was just wondering about them.  

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Hi everyone, I'm interested in joining French classes. Are there any interntional schools around? I'm running on a low budget and that's why I'm looking for some course that is not very expensive. Many thanks in advanced!

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Hi I am a 28 year old English lady looking to find more work after my contract ends in October, I have been a Nanny all year, cleaning, cooking, driving, shopping, dog walking, gardening, & just about anything & everything!  I am not limiting myself to find another Nanny job, but open to do something different.  I have skills in a variety of fields, but just not sure of the best websites to try or which direction to go in.. So if you could offer any advice, contacts, websites etc, it would be much appreciated thank you :-) I hope to work in or around Zurich & move closer.. I am currently residing in Rapperswil. (My German is very limited, but I am eager to learn)

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I didnt know what mobile wallets were, just learnt about it thanks to my daughter. She was playing a trial game on my windows phone and then accidently bought the app($4.49). I recieved an email saying that the purchase went through and it will be billed to my X postpaid bill I didnt even know such a payment option existed. All this while I was under the impression that since I havent given my credit card/paypal details, there cant be any accidental purchases.Now did some more research and enabled a PIN on my mobile wallet. Learnt it the hard way, hope this helps someone who doesnt know about this already.

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I'm looking for some chances to practice my spoken German over coffee or activities. In return I'll offer English help with patience. I'm a native English speaker by the way. Anyone interested just give me a shout.

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Was fiddling around on my Mac and inadvertently deleted all purchased movies from the iTunes folder, my bad!Connected the iPad and copied across all purchases and it copied all but three movies. Any idea why? Only one iTunes account so multiple accounts is not the issue. I can't seem to find any way to get those three movies back into iTunes without purchasing them again. Mystified!Missing movies appear in Apple TV of course and they are still on the iPad but as soon as I synch the iPad to the Mac I know they will disappear.

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Hi For beauty purpose I wanna buy few products. So please recommend me best brand products detail (for men).thanks

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Firstly, this can't be done. Rollback that is. But the current version is incompatible with something I need to run on it. But older versions can be installed. The problem is, upon install, it checks for updates. There is some info regarding how to disable the updates via registry settings, and some other ways that look more geared to enterprise implementation, but I have not been able to get this to work.Any ideas?

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