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Just sharing - there is a car calculator which allows car buyers or car sellers to check the price of used cars in Switzerland. One just needs to input brand/model/capacity etc and you will get the reference/guide price. Cool!

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Hello All, I'm seeking for accommodation, starting 20 Dec, in Zurich. Are there any good offers available? I'm interested in just one small room for my cousin that is coming from Sweden to spend X-mas here! Thank youuuu!

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It's important to have some daily ritual in your life to give you a sense of consistency. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds (instead of only consistency). Because I think it's important sometimes just to sit in a quiet place and stare out to the sea and... contemplate something beautiful. Quietness without loneliness -- Next Stop Wonderland --   So, you're fav quotes???

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Starting this thread to get up to speed on these kinds of services as they have changed over the years and since the last post here, I suppose - I've never used any of them so don't really know.If there is already an up-to-date thread here with this you know of please let me know, I searched but didn't find any...A few questions I have are:1. What would you use today? Is NetFlix still the product of choice?2. Can you download instead of streaming? So you can watch something again, download now / watch later, etc.?3. Assuming one has a VPN but not a media center TV (but a digital box), what options are there nowadays?

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Hi, I'm curious where new business registrations and purchase and sales transfers are reported in Switzerland. If there's a difference in governing entity, I'm asking other foreigner, thanks.

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I'm interested to join a Master in Social Media! Are there any courses starting in Jan/ Feb in Zurich??  

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..does exist as I've just found. My Safari homepage started changing to a search engine called only-search.com and random pages would open. With a bit of searching and the help of 'Little Snitch' I found that I had a trojan called DownLite. It's gone now but do be careful out there, even on a mac.

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I am experiencing a problem that, in spite of searching high and low, I cannot find a solution to the issue.I have a Toshiba laptop, i5 model, Win7, SP1, current Flash and Silverlight. Inside a Chrome browser, it streams Amazon instant videos just fine. I should note that I have two monitors attached to this laptop, one via HDMI, the other via VGA, and the HDMI monitor is my primary screen at 1920x1080. I also have an HP laptop, i7 variety that is my home entertainment PC. It is also Win7, SP1, current Flash and Silverlight and barely any installed programs. However, inside a Chrome browser Amazon instant videos will NOT stream. They stream just fine under Internet Explorer, however. I should note that the primary screen on the HP laptop is broken... cracked with no image, and that I have a 1920x1080 TV hooked into the HDMI port of the laptop. The TV is the primary display. Hulu streams fine under Chrome as does YouTube. My Chrome browsers are sync'ed together via my Google username. I just cannot find anything on the HP laptop that would keep Amazon from streaming, but obviously, there is something. Advice and solution appreciated!

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What are the best nurseries around? Are there any International ones? My little pie is 3 years old and I'm lookig for the best place for her! Many thanks to all those who will be kind enough to reply this post!  

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Hi Everyone, Are there any trips to Santa Claus house from Zurich? If yes, how much it will cost? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!   thanks!  

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Hello I am an AngloInfo Brittany member and we are spending the festive season in Zurich with family. I'd be grateful for some advice about Xmas Eve in Zurich......will any restaurants / shops be open, or should we bring food for that night? Happy either way, just want to be prepared. Regards    

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Are there any cheap and CLEAN hostels in Zurich?? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

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I am looking to buy a 2010 hatchback car. Can anyone recommend the best places to look for cars? I'd be keen to hear about anywhere with good dealers and a decent selection.  

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Hello all, I am German teacher living in Zurich since last year, when my husband had to move here. If some expat has interest in learning German, do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards, Claire

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I don't have any useful information except to say that I'd love to see a good burrito / taco joint here. Are there any cool places where one can go for a tasty burito?

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Hey All, Is there anyone that creates handmade decorations for X-mas? I'm quite interested in buying smth special... Thanks!

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Are there any rooms availabe to be rent for the festive season in Zurich? My sister is coming to spend the Holidays with us...unfortunately, we don't have enough space so... Reasonable prices please!  

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I'm looking for a kitchen to rent for a kids cooking course that I run. Does anybody know of one?

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What's the best International School in Zurich? Any suggestions? Thanks

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Is there anyone working in the PR industry here in Zurich? Any advice of "How to get a Job in the PR Fashion Industry" is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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