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Hi, I'm moving to Lucerne later this year, what's the music scene like? I'm looking to join a band, ideally something experimental/creative rather than rattling out covers of The Blues Brothers . Is there much of a local live scene for less conventional stuff, or even any musicians about into that? I'm looking for a krautrock/punk/new wave kind of thing. Something like Neu! with a twist would be right up my (lonely?) alley. Cheers! A.

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May seem a little trivial, but... Wondering if cinemas / movie theatres in Zurich show the full range of Western / Hollywood films that you would find in the US / Australia. Are there some cinemas which specialise in Hollywood films? Or do all cinemas show these sorts of new releases?

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Has anyone have to give away or sell their used IELTS preparation material? I am in need of one. Thanks

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1414422455 · posted: 1413460041

I want to get fit without having to go to the gym! Noisy, crowded, expensive gyms certainly aren't for everyone. Any suggestions that will help me attain physical fitness without having to pay a membership fee???

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1414422223 · posted: 1414148581

I've looked online for places that do colonic hydrotherapy but have had no success. Does anyone know of anywhere or could recommend somewhere?  

started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1414421855 · posted: 1414150383

Now that I am a postpaid user I am wondering what cheap options are available to call overseas(in my case specifically Australia) I know apps like skype allow calling from Internet to mobile phones/landlines. I just downloaded an app called Voxofon that gave some free credit for 1st time and the call quality was pretty good. I am considering using apps like these for my overseas calling needs. Any thoughts? thanks

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1414421787 · posted: 1414152666

I would really love a recommendation for a personal trainer if anyone has one!!! Ideally not TOO pricey....

started by: Cecile-976136 · last update: 1414421516 · posted: 1414421516

I'm looking at either Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop to create marketing materials for my nail design business. Any good training course providers to recommend? Thank you very much!

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1414151878 · posted: 1413499440

I have a jar of coconut oil in the pantry. Does it really work? 20 minutes seem a bit excessive.

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1414151475 · posted: 1413116184

Hi, I'm working in Zurich as a Test Analyst with only 2 years of experience (this is my first job out of uni). I'm thinking about moving to Basel next year. I've started doing some research and looking at some jobs over there. I'm wondering how difficult is it to find a job in Basel? Should I apply for jobs from here or is it better for me to just go over and start job hunting? Any help would be appreciated!

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1414149418 · posted: 1412789680

I have starhub 100 MBPS cable broadband. But it feels so pathetic. I have had better performance from 256kbps broadband in India. I used www.speedtest.net and I used to get like 10 MBPS when I am like 5 mtrs away from the cisco wireless gateway. When I am close to the gateway it is 50MBPS. When I connect using Lan cable it is 100MBPS. Then I went to the router configuration and changed the channel number from Auto and tried a few random numbers and finally set it to 11 I think and now I get 100MBPS when I am close to the router and about 26 mbps when I am away from the router, yet when I browse the usual sites like facebook, gmail etc its still takes a while to load. It definitely doesn't feel like 100MBPS more like those dial up connections we used to have back in the days. Its not always this slow, but usually in the nights and weekends is when it becomes really slow. The download speed remains the same. I wonder what is wrong, can somebody please help me fix this problem? Another problem I have with my new Acer laptop, is when the speed is slow, the connection keeps dropping, I then reconnect to the wireless n/w manually and then its ok and then few minutes later, the connection drops again.

started by: Cecile-976136 · last update: 1414149147 · posted: 1412939930

What's the best PR Agency in Zurich? Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1414148848 · posted: 1414007121

Are there any Job Forums in the upcoming period? Thanks in advance for any useful information!

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1414148722 · posted: 1414017372

Already digitised 99% of my DVD collection but now a couple of issues: a) I own one 3D disc is it possible to copy and even if i did would it play successfully on an iPad or Mac? Would only want the copy in standard DVD format. b) I own one Blueray DVD is it possible (assuming I bought a Blueray copier) to convert to iPad format? c) I have one new DVD disc which will not copy with Mac DVD Ripper Pro or Handbrake I think it's because it is a new title with better encryption. Any software I could download which would copy the disc?

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1412892986 · posted: 1412892986

All, I've just landed and looking to find work, I'm not getting a great deal of response from local business for full time positions despite having a strong background for some major MNC's In addition, my preference would be to start out on my own providing IT and Facilities support for small branch offices for European / US companies. My question is, is there a gap in the market? Are there already Anglophile IT companies out there doing it or is the local IT landscape good enough to avoid using expats? Any advice greatly appreciated.   Maria

started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1412882363 · posted: 1412878283

Is there a device that can provide a functionality of the old fashion VCR but can do it in and for HD sources? I have a starhub DVR set top box. It can record cable in HD but there is no way I can take this recordings as a file and transfer it to some other media. What I would like to have is a HD recorder that can at least record from an external digital HD input (HDMI) and allows later a transfer to some external media (SD, hdd).

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Seeking business consultancy services in Switzerland market - any tips thanks?!

started by: MariaA-976919 · last update: 1412773711 · posted: 1412773711

Hi, I am currently a Senior Manager at a Big 4 accounting firm in Australia, specialising in internal audit. I am looking for a definitive move to Switerland starting this November. I want to arrange some face to face meetings whilst in Zurich and wanted some advice on the best executive recruitment firms I should contact. I am looking in industry, i.e. outside of the big 4.   Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, Does anyone have any good suggestions on how or where to network, and to business leaders and successful people who might be willing to mentor? I have read a lot about the benefits of finding a good career mentor. Someone who can share their stories of their experiences, give guidance and advice, or even just in general casual meetings over coffee or drinks. I am in my early 30's, and coming to Switzerland, from a Finance education but now working in the Supply Chain Planning / Logistics field, keen to look for opportunities to learn and develop. Any suggests on places or events which might be good for me to check out? Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser for blonde highlights please? I don't mind paying for quality but I've been quoted anywhere between CHF 130-350 for a colour, cut and blow dry!?   //

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