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Hi,  I am looking for a decent gym. Been drinking and eating junk for last 10 years and therefore too much FAT I guess its time to burn and get back some shape, well yeah I'm already in Shape (Round is a shape isn't it) but hoping to be Triangle now. Kindly suggest a GYM which will not be too much load in the pocket and something in or around Zurich. Anybody thinking about same, come join me Thanks

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Hi, I started to work out in the gym since 3 weeks ago. Is 15-20 min per day of running and strenght training enought (1-2h/day 5-6days/week) to lose the last bit of belly fat ? I also have a good diet. Thanks in advance.   //

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Hii all I would like to have self portrait photographs taken ...you know where you can make your own portfolio.. any recommendations ? Thanks in advance   //

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I am looking for some help with setting up a home network. I have fibre broadband, but the signal doesn't reach all the areas in my apartment. I bought a range extender but don't seem to be able to install it well. Can anyone in the area come help me install it for a small fee? Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

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Anyone have early experiences of the latest operating system? We have an iPhone 5S, iPad air and iPad 4th Gen and I am debating whether or not to upgrade.   //

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I will move to Basel next year and am currently looking for primary level teaching jobs in International Schools. Many of them ask what your salary expectations are. All of the ones I have seen to date talk about accommodation,flights home, relocation allowances etc as part of the package. However, despite searching though the forums here, I can't find any recent information about expected salary. Clearly, from what I have read, it is dependent on a number of key points so this is my situation: I am seeking full time employment in an International School as a primary teacher. I will be bringing one dependent of primary school age (I am single). I am currently in a leadership role and will have 14 years teaching experience by next year. I have my Bachelor's degree in education. Although I have not taught in an International School before, my current position is in a private special character school. I have excellent references and am experienced in the use of ICTs, including training other teachers, as well as ESOL. I really just need a ball park figure of what to put down for expected salary. I don't think comparing directly with my NZ salary will help me much as the tax and cost of living is going to mean I am comparing apples with oranges. Any idea on a reasonable expectation of salary given my experience would be most appreciated. Thanks for your help.   //

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Ciao I'm doing a research on the best dating websites around..any suggestions? Thank you very much in advanced!   //

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Hey All, Is there any low cost gym in Zurich? Any information would be highly appreciated! Thanks     //

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Any suugestion of great centres where I can have my manicure/ pedicure done? Thanks in advanced!  

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Hi, I am looking for someone to go cycling with or if you can point me in the direction of a cycling club that would be great. Thanks, C.   //

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Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in Zurich who doesn't charge CHF 70 for a haircut? I'm struggling here. Thanks!   //

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Hello friends, I'm trying to find out more about the thoughts of people here in Zurich about our private healthcare system. Do you think our private specialists are transparent with their prices and services? Maria   //

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I know the hairdressing topic has been canvassed before, but does anyone know or recommend a hairdresser that would be skilled at colouring and cutting fine, wavy hair? I'd really like to find someone that won't cost a fortune. I used to see a hairdresser friend at her home, but she has moved back to Australia. I live in Zurich Central area but don't mind travelling to see the right person. Thanks in advanced, Claire

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Hi, I am looking for some information and feedback from people on this forum who may have undergone a shoulder surgery (arthroscopic - Bankart or similar) to treat frequent shoulder dislocation. I have been advised this surgery by my doctor and looking for real life experience on the post operation recovery. Please PM me if you do not wish to talk about this on a public forum. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated!   //

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Anyone recommend good fitness center?

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Hello, This is a long shot but we need some help to bid on an item that is being auctioned on Ricardo.ch and ending tomorrow, we have set up as a member but it takes 48 hours to become active! If there is anyone out there who is an active member of Ricardo.ch and willing to hep please do let us know, we will of course pay you for the assistance. Many Thanks Phil Bennett

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Hey Guys, I am looking for a gym that is not one of these mainstream centers with thousands of different services aka people that want to hang out and do something else than grinding some iron. I do weight training and some cardio and I would like to do it in a place with serious lifters too. Is there such a place here? Thanks a lot.

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Dear friends,  I've just found something quite interesting and feel to share it with all the users here. Seems that SEG group will now be providing its entire student and teacher body with advanced iPads as well as dedicated learning content. Thought that we may all support the local students. All we have to do is to follow SEG Educational Revolution Campaign - iPad Launch Online Video Competition run by SHMS and IHTTI from August 29 until September 14 and vote for the best! Here's the link for those that are eager to encourage the students around: http://seg-revolution.ch   Regrads, Claire      

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I have had mixed experiences with making friends here. How have you found making friends to work out? have you found that it makes a difference to speak schweizer deutch?

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Hi, does anyone know where to get a bag organizer in Zurich? I have a very old one bought in Australia a couple of years back but now I need a replacement desperately. Pls advise. Thanks!

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