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just wonder where can I go to transfer some audio files into a disc? I asked few of the photo shops in the neighbourhood, they only able to do that for picture files...

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As I understand it, Apple is not big on USB for iPad connectivity, if if one has a lot of offboard data like on an external hard drive, how best to connect that to an iPad? Is there additional hardware required for the Apple version of a NAS, like an Airport (the Apple kind)? For a lightweight user, could an iPad serve as that person's main PC? I'm wondering about iTunes data, currently on a PC, how t make that available on an iPad with limited onboard storage.

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Hi, anyone wearing smart watches? care to share your experiences? I was just wondering about them!

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Hi, my notebook suddenly giving me a problem it suddenly pop out a message stated that my ' there is a problem with the cooling system n ask ask me to shut down and send for services'. My question is what happened to my notebook and where to get a reliable repair shop in Zurich? Please recommend? Im using a Toshiba NB520 model. Thank you

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Since the cost of stuff is so expensive here thought it might be better buying from overseas, but not sure about how the phone / locking works. I never buy Apple stuff so this is a new area for me.

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Does anybody know of a USB 3 hub that actually works on Mac? I've got a late 2012 Mac Mini and the ones I've tried are too lame to charge an iPad. They show up in the system info as USB 2. So I'll guess that it would require a unit that has external power. If you know about a brand which works, I'd appreciate hearing that. Thanks

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Hi, Anyone know any casual/fun running groups that just meet up weekly r fortnightly? I have seen lots of groups but they all seem super intense. I just re-started running again since injuring myself so am not looking for anything too serious. Thanks!  

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Do you guys know of any places in Zurich where they do track days? Or something like training courses on how to drift and things similar?

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Hi everyone, I am trying to find where i can change the name on my driving licence and get a new one printed as I am now using my married name. All help gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Ladies White Chanel Watch! Only CHF 250

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Hi just looking for a bit of advice, I graduate as a chemical engineer in 2007 in Oslo. The job market is very tight at the moment in Norway and I managed to land a job as process engineer/ project management in Zurich. I would love to work overseas and was wondering how difficult it would be get a job and visa in Swizerland  in process, project management or as sales engineer Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi This is a bit of a technical question. How do camera filters work? I have a Wingman with underwater casing. It's great for taking action shots and videos when i go paintballing. But when i try to use this underwater, a lot of the colours go and all the photos and videos come out almost all blue. I was told that if i got a filter for this then that should fix some of the colour issues i'm getting. However, so far, I can't seem to find a filter for the Wingman on line and i've had no responses from them when i emailed them to see if they had such a thing. So what i'm trying to do is try to find out how these filters work and see if i can produce a home made version........i mean would it be as easy as just putting a piece of transparent red paper over the lens? or somewhat much more complicated than that? Cheers

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Hi guys - will be moving to Basel next month and have some questions about mobile/cell phones and plans and hope you guys can help me out. Is there a difference in pricing between bringing my own phone and just using the plan vs signing up to a plan and getting a phone at a discounted price? If so, how much is the difference approx.? Reason I'm asking is I'm considering whether to buy a new phone and bring it over or get one in Basel (fyi, my phone is getting old and I want to get the HTC one... Thanks all in advance.

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Where in Zurich can I buy those Macbook Pro scissor mechanism? I needed those to replace my broken one when I try to clean them up myself. I tried calling Apple and they only service to replace the whole keys for 100 over francs. Can anyone suggest any place where I can have a cheaper deal or just a place where I can buy those scissor mechanism.

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Hey guys, I am looking for some good application to read worldwide magazines ? any suggestions?

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Hello! Just wondering if any parents could throw some ideas of low cost activities to do with little ones?!!I  Regards, Patrick

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Can anyone kindly help me out? I need to get my iPhone 5 unlocked ASAP so I can sign up with one of the providers here. If not, is selling it the ONLY option?

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I've been working in aviation for about 3 years now. I'm moving to Lucerne and I've been trying to find a way to learn to fly. I can provide detailing services for any pilot who can help me get my hours. Send me an email if you can help.

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I have a blackberry I bought over in Norway and I have put a sim card in but it is locked ! Do they have an unlocking facility here and do you need documentation?

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Hi I already own an unlocked iphone 5. Which service providers provide a nano SIM only service with a decent data allowance? What are the costs like? Thanks

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