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Anyone here knows where I can repair the keypad of my samsung laptop?

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1399465387 · posted: 1399465387

Please recommend a good software that will help clean out my computer to pristine condition. Anti-virus, malware, phishing, spyware........anything else I missed out? Thanks!

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1399414313 · posted: 1399414313

I am Tanja, an expat female who wants to broaden my social circle (and also because it's boring to eat with the same people everyday). Is there anyone who is interested in being my lunch buddy once a week? I am a huge foodie with no diet restrictions Cheers, T.

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1399224584 · posted: 1398262446

Hello, I am an expat who is interested in learning German. So wondering whether anyone who speaks German would be willing to tutor?

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I would like to ask what the best Switzerland taxi apps for Android and iPhone respectively are. They could also be what you are currently using on your phone. I have an Android phone... Any good recommendation will be much appreciated. Thanks !!

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Hello Everyone! I am a French citizen and currently looking for suitable jobs in Switzerland and need your help. There is any job center around?

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Hi All Ballers Enthusiast! No matter Where you stay! We want you as long as you are keen to ball and train!! Our ball club has no boundaries: - All Ages - All Races - All Ethnic groups Text us just if you are interested to join. This is an informal team.

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Hello All, I would like to take the privilege of initiating a Wine Lovers Group. Interested people please feel free to text me so we can arrange a gathering for all the wine lovers. It would be exciting to explore exciting wines available in Switzerland, with a group of fun people. I'll arrange for the first meet up session once I get enough replies on this thread. Cheers, Patrick

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Where is the best store with the widest selection for Samsung products? (TV's, ultra books, speakers, etc)  

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1398336367 · posted: 1398279507

Used Skype for years but suffered with bandwidth problems such as dropped call, poor connection and echo. Recently switched to Viber and find it superior in many ways. You don't have to have the app "up" to receive calls or txt, a huge bonus. Much cleaner and simpler interface and uses your phone contact list for contact information. Wondering what else is out there for calling and texting? BTW, I don't work for Viber or any other app provider, just think it's a very useful app for people that want to stay in touch with the folks back home.

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Hi there, I'm posting this for a friend who lives in Zurich. Does anyone have any kittens due that need to rehome one? A wonderful home guaranteed! regards AndrewJ

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1395925799 · posted: 1395925799

I am British with post graduate (MBA). I have been working in insurance industry for 3 years. I wish to go to Berne to work to improve and leadership, experience and skills. Interested in insurance/finance areas. Please help if you can sort out there! Thank you so much!

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Hi, I would like to meet Italians in this city. I couldn't find anyone yet. Is there someone from my country?  

started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1395312899 · posted: 1395312899

I know this topic has been done before but I can't find anything recent so I hope someone can help me? What are my best options for cable and can I get UK TV at all, maybe via I-player or similar? I would like to arrange things soon. Many thanks.

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Hi All, I'm currently thinking of downloading some games on my mac. I did came across some websites like Softonic which offers a variety of games like street fighters etc … Anyone have any reviews on downloading from this website ? Or recommendations please?

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Hi Everyone, I'm moving out to Zurich in a couple of weeks. I'm curious to know what's the best phone network out there and whether setting up a contract is straight forward? I have a phone that is unlocked to any network in the UK, if I had a SIM only contract in Switzerland would this phone work? Thanks.

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Which is the best dental insurance ?

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1394370935 · posted: 1393969456

Hi Folks Done a lot of research but unable to figure out the cheapest way of calling Italy from Switzerland. Is it Lyca  SIM or Lebara... ???? Request help from somebody who knows. Thanks in advance!

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Fastnacht starts sunday night / monday morning at 03:30 am on the Basler Marktplatz.  Three days of fun from Monday to Wednesday  Don' t miss it! 

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I am looking at buying an Android smartphone. I am inclining towards buying HTC but seeing quite a few people complaining about its battery performance and issues with battery in general. S4's battery is replaceable whereas HTC's is not. Any recommendations or experiences with these 2 models?

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