Teaching English in Switzerland

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Good day all. I have a TESOL and did my TKT while I was in Canada. But that alone surely is not a sure win in Switzerland. I therefore turn to you now for a little help: Do you know any private school who might be hiring teachers right now? Or, do you know anyone who would know? If you have any information on the subject, or contact information for someone else, kindly pass them along, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, T.


MarkusK 1481217831

are you from? You're going to have an amazingly difficult time finding
a job doing this as there are plenty of Swiss people that can do this
(or think they can, even if they can't).

If you had a graduate degree in English, I'd suggest something like
the British Council. With that certificate (and if you're a caucasian)
I'd suggest going to China or Taiwan to teach English.


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