Vaccines for a new born baby and a recommendation of a good pediatrician

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Hi, allI am looking for an advice from parents, my baby is 2 months old. She had two vaccines at birth, but now according to the schedule of vaccines, she needs to get vaccinated almost every month during the first year. What is your opinion/experience on that? I am afraid a baby would get sick , I am also not sure that all vaccines are really needed for a baby. My wife's insurance does not cover vaccines and I wonder why. All in all, I am not really sure if all vaccines are really good for a baby. Can you also recommend a really good pediatrician?Thanks for sharing your ideas/experience. Mario.


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If you are intending to settle in Switzerland in the long term, there is a minimum amount of vaccination that is needed for your baby if you want your baby to go to a school or child care centre here. Go toyour GP and ask for advice!


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