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I have a friend coming to visit next week who needs her nails filled, she says she has gel nails. Is that the way they are done in Europe as well.Any suggestions as to a studio with public transit close in the city?hmw

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HI everyone, My friend and me would like to attend a make-up course / class before Christmas. The best is only for the two of us. No Fasnacht painting or hair styling advises.Does somebody know a good place around Lucerne?thanks

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Our medical insurance is going up by 20% next year. I would like to change at best. Not sure what company though, I guess there is a big selection.Any ideas?Denis

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I heard that health insurance in Switzerland is supposed to be going up a lot in 2011, is that true, and is there something we can do about it? hmw

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I have acrylic nails that need to be filled, and it seems everywhere only does Gel - help! hmw

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For all the ladies and gents who had a problem of finding a hairdresser who does Afro-Caribbean hairstyles I can recommend: Carribean Beauty, Langstrasse 239, 043-321 30 80 Don't worry I am not paid to post this :-) I just want to some people a favor as it took me for ever to find one who actually knows what she is doing. Ask for Maria or Elena. All the best, Ludmilla Skinner

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There seem to be so many hairdressers in this country - don't know where to start looking! Any suggestions?Judy

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Looking for a day spa in Lucerne, is there such a thing? I need a break! hmw

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On Holiday last week and went to a great party with a difference it was a make up party have a look this site and book one your friends will love it. www.london-milan-paris-makeup.com

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Hi! I´m moving from Sweden to Zürich, Seefeld in a couple of weeks and wonder if anyone can recommend a gym/healthclub in the Seefeld-area? I want it to be clean and with different classes that you ca attend like bodypump, spinning et.c.

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This is happening on Saturday 17th July and Sunday 18th July. ShiFu Shi DeLon from London will taking the class. If anyone is interested reply to this topic or email me at darrendth@aol.com Best, Darren

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Do most hairdressers speak English is Switzerland? The time is soon coming that I will have to get and appointment, and I am freaking out that they won't understand me. Newgirlintown.

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I was wondering if someone could tel me where that I can find an English translation page for Medical terms. Will be going to the doctor in a couple of weeks, and not sure yet about a few words that I would like to know. Judy

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Can anyone reccomend an English speaking person to fill in acrylic nails for a friend visiting from the UK? Thanks iliketojog

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Are there any spas that someone can suggest that we can visit for a day? justwondering

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Can anyone reccomend an english speaking men's hairdresser in Zurich? Thanks Hans

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I have visitors coming to stay for a month, can anyone reccomend a gym close to the city that offers monthly membership?

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Looking to buy some Tylenol, anyone know of where I can buy some? iliketojog

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I would like a day to myself, and treat myself to a Spa Day. I live near Basel, if anyone knows English speaking businesses there I would be grateful.

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The time will soon arrive that I will need an English speaking dentist to go to for my yearly check-up. Can someone reccomend one in the Zurich-Zug area.? Thanks sheila

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