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Hi, I am looking for medical insurance for me,Just want 'normal' insurance. What would you people suggest? Thanks  

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What brands are you using in Switzerland? Any organic brands to recommend?

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I have a slipped disc that will require an operation. Could anyone recommend a good spinal surgeon? Much appreciated!

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Hello there! am looking for a good gym here to start some fitness regime. Checked on the websites but I didn't manage to find what I was looking for.Anyone can give me advice about the best gyms around??   Thanks

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Has anyone done shoulder arthoscopy in Switzerland before? Around how much will it cost?

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HiI just joined true fitness membership and looking for a buddy, anyone who is interested on gym/ classes? pls pls let me know, thanks.

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Hello, is there anyone currently on the forum who has type 1 diabetes (or someone in their family) who can fill me in on what kind of care I can expect? I have already seen from my research that I need to be careful about what kind of health care plan we get, but I have no concept of what level of service to expect.Currently, in Australia, I am a patient at a dedicated Centre for Diabetes that is a 2 floor building with a gym (with biokineticists on hand trained to work with diabetics), a pharmacy/ food store, insulin pump consultants, free medication, free carb counting classes, I couldn't even get this level of care in the US under the best health plan available.Fingers crossed that in Switzerland similar standards are available?Also, how is eating out as a carb counting diabetic and treatment of people using a glucometer or doing injections in public?Thanks in advance!Patrick

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Hi guys, I am a 25 year old guy who is just bored of going to the gym. Anyone has any good alternative activities that can help me keep fit? Some of my friends suggested horse-riding...

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Hii all, lately my hair has been dropping quite a bit.If i put my fingers through my hair, I will see some strands in my fingers. Just after shampooing ,when I dry comb my hair, they fall on the floor. literally see them everywhere... I have been stressed for the past 2 weeks, Should I just buy a hair loss shampoo like Phyto or should I go see a trichologist ?

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Hi anyone out there. I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid since last year.I was first sent to TTSH, and the doctor started me with 50 Euthyrox, and after months i'm still not better and the doctor has ignore my complaints on my symptoms and decided to switch to another doctor. This Doctor then double my dose but i'm still not feeling much better. Anyone facing the same problem, any good suggestions?

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Hi Folks, I'm looking for an Obstetrician to do my check ups and to plan my pregnancy. I want somebody really good as I have some serious health problems. Looking forward for your guidance in finding an obstetrician who can can guide me. I wish to get an appointment within a week...

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I just got here in Zurich a couple weeks ago and am looking for some organic stores but found none. Could someone tell me where I can get Logona, California Baby and Burt's bees? Can't live without them Thanks!

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Hi guys, I've been searching the internet including this forum for recommendations for cheap waxing services in Zurich but so far I haven't found any. Most people recommend Strip or some other expensive studios but I am not looking for such. Their prices are ridiculously high for procedures which last no more than 10 minutes and I cannot believe that there are no normal places here at all. Please, if someone has had waxing at affordable price here, leave their coordinates here. Preferably a phone number, not only an address. Thanks!

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Hey guys, i've been having acne problems for sometime now. hoping if anyone could give me some advice about aesthetic treatment for acnes and acne's scars. been feeling really depress every time  i look at myself in the mirror lately. sigh

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Hi We are looking for a dentist, family one for the 3 of us, in Zurich! any good one??? Thanks

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was about to embark on orthodontics just before we left home and feel like I'm  back to square one Had a consultation here in Zurich they seem very professional and the all the staff were excellent and thorough, but would love to hear some actual experiences of orthodontics and "smile make overs"- as cringy as it sounds!

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What brands are you using in Switzerland? Any organic brands to recommend?

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Hi All,I am looking for a very good endocrinologist in Zurich specialized in thyroid diseases. Please, don't suggest things like "just go to hospital and ask". Your personal experience is much more precious.Thanks a lot in advance

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I am looking for an anti-aging treatment, whether if it is a product, a salon treatment, or procedure that provides dramatic results...any suggestions? :P Thanks!

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seem to have something of a recurring problem with ear infections. I seem more prone to them when I'm in Switzerland, but am imagining that that's down to climate here.I have quite recently learned that you're apparently not meant to use ear-buds to clean out your ears of any wax. This is something that I am in the habit of doing.... I mean if it's that problematic then why are they called 'ear-buds'... ...I've been looking into it further, and was surprised to read that (apparently) many infections self-resolve after a few days. I'm rather torn between such a 'wait and see' approach, and the alternative of going to my doctor and him almost certainly putting me on antibiotics. I have the tube of topical cream I was prescribed last time (Zaricort), but the ear canal is so swollen I can't get an ear-bud in to apply it! I have been treating it with H2O2 (lie on side, fill ear-canal with peroxide/3%, leave for 20 minutes, repeat for 5 days) but at this point in time can't tell if that is resolving anything.Does anyone else else here have experience with this problem? Since I haven't used the swimming pool for a week or so, I am thinking that this has been caused by getting water in my ears when simply showering!Does anyone have any suggestions, or is it off to the doc and antibiotics for me?

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