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Hello, I've just moved to Swizerland for work from Italy and am looking for some advice on healthcare. Is there a plan people recommend for an individual? How about doctors, dentists, etc? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi all I move out to Zurich in 2 months and am trying to start getting organised! Coming from the UK I am used to the NHS system! How does healthcare work in Switzerland? I payed for my health checks as a one off but with regards to doctors appointments A/E visits etc is it best/possible to pay as you go, or is insurance needed? Thank in advance everyone!

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Hi all.. Can anybody let me know the symptoms of hand foot and mouth disease. Please also let me know about the adverse effects of this disease. What treatment is suggested ... and what diet should be followed.

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What's the best dermatologist in Zurich? I'm very worried about my acnè so need to consult one asap! Thanks in advanced for any information!

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I am experiencing heavy depression recently. They say you have to think first what makes you depress and where it start... After careful thinking I think it has been in my system since I was a kid. But now this depression is affecting my life extremely both in my work and my social life. I am a foreigner here and I wanna know where to get psychiatric treatment. Will it help my problem if I go. Will they give me some anti depression pills to stop my worry?

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Hi All, I want to go for an eyebrow tattoo. So… what do you think? Would you consider getting your eyebrows tattooed? Do you know any artist who might do an amazing job? Thanks...   //

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Hey guys, I am looking to get into the gym. I've tried to before just never had the motivation. Don't get me wrong I love sports etc but I just always feel lazy when it comes to the gym. I've decided no more of that! Could anyone recommend a decent gym over here. Preferably cheap. I was looking at personal trainers as I feel that if I pay for something I won't want to not go as i'll be wasting money! Any gyms that have good personal trainers? Appreciate the help guys!

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Hi We are looking for a dentist, family one for the 3 of us in Zurich...any suggestions? Thank you!   //

started by: NeilD · last update: 1412279807 · posted: 1412279807

Was about to embark on orthodontics just before we left home and feel like im back to square one Had a consultation in Zurich they seem very professional and the all the staff were excellent and thorough, but would love to hear some actual experiences of orthodontics and "smile make overs"- as cringy as it sound. Thank you!   //

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Is there any chance to find the Dresdner Essenz products in Zurich? I adore this German brand, still seems that  it's quite hard to find it...:P Maybe someone here is eager to help...   //

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I'm looking for the best plastic surgeon in Zurich! Any suggestions?? Thanks   //

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What do you think about Lierac brand? Are this anti-age products good? Did you try them before? I want to buy some night cream that is quite expensive so, any opinion is highly appreciated! thank you.   //

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Does anyone know a place that sells eyeglass repair kits? In the US you can go into any pharmacy and find a tiny screwdriver with a set of screws. Can't seem to find a place that sells similar kits here. Ideas?   //

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Hi there! visited a well known surgeon in Zurich and I need a second opinion. This doctor was recommended to me by my GP... but I am still undiagnosed. Anyone here has a recommendation for a general surgeon? Thanks   //

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Does anyone know where to get a wider range, and preferably more fairly priced workout supplements?

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What brands are you using in Switzerland? Any organic brands to recommend? Thank you!

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Muffin top or four boob syndrome? Big bum and small breasts? Flabby arms? And finally, a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? ... Sounds familiar? Are you a mum whose body shape changed following pregnancy or perhaps a busy career woman with problem areas? Have you been on a diet without any success most of your adult life and you still cannot find clothes that suit you? Style Academy will teach you how to look and feel your best by  offering the following services:- Makeup- Colour and bodyshape analysis- Wardrobe evaluation- Makeover- Personal shoppingConsultations are made in your home environment to be a relaxed, learning experience, so there’s no pressure. Remember, at Style Academy we are here for you and your image or styling needs! We will discuss what you want to achieve in depth. An image analysis, including a personality, style and lifestyle assessment will be done accordingly. Your current image or style may then be remarkably customized to suit your personal, professional, and social life based on your confidential consultation, in order to help you reach your full potential!For more information and to book your personal appointment please visit www.styleacademy.ch or call us on +41 76 474 71 79.  

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Hi, Anyone knows a good place to do Semi-Permanent Eyebrow? I am not referring to the tattoo type, which looks like a block of color on eyebrows. I am keen to do the strokes type, which looks more natural alike eyebrow hair.   thanks

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What the best products for baby daily care are? Any suggestions are highly appreciated!  

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Any good cream/ treatment for Psoriasis? Any suggestions are appreciated!

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