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Anyone tried Vichy suncreen products before? I don't know if to go for Vichy or Bioderma brand. What do you people think about?   Thanks in advance!!

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I am a keen swimmer - I've noticed though that most pools don't seem to use lane ropes - does anyone know where a good place to train is? Cheers  

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Hi,  I am curious as to whether people would be more interested in a massage service that comes to your location and performs massage services like deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. Or would people be more interested in a service that offers vouchers for hair and beauty products and services? Or even discounted hair and beauty treatments? There are similar services being offered around the world but Zurich is a very diverse place. This makes me wonder what it really is that the Swiss consumer want? Thanks in advance for you response!

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Hi everyone, I would like a recommendation on where to buy some prescription glasses. I'm looking for someone who has a good selection as well as good service and after service. I have been told that getting bifocal glasses is not recommended in Zurich so any advice on that is also welcomed. Thanks

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I have INCREDIBLY fair skin and I burn very easily. I have face makeup with SPF 30, and I apply sunscreen every day, but I still worry what this constant sun exposure is doing to my skin (like premature aging!). I've seen worldwide women walking around with parasols/ sun umbrellas on really sunny days, to protect their skin from the sun. Would I get odd looks if I picked up the habit and got myself a sun umbrella? Do other Swiss women carry unbrellas on sunny days? I haven't seen any here, and I wonder if it may be deemed socially unacceptable for me to purchase one.  

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Anyone know good beauty salons for nails, waxing etc? I went to one which wasn't that great -- nails weren't done that well and I found that on a list of 'Best beauty salons in Zurich'. Any first hand recommendations would be great! Thanks

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Hey guys, I am relatively new to Zurich,originally from india but lived in the UK, love dance and theatre but I take business at grad school(dont ask!)and I am thinking of taking up dance classes,maybe belly dancing to keep fit.... Looking for a dance buddy..and some new friends.. Anyone up for it?

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hey! does anybody tryied allegro pilates system in Switzerland?

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Can anyone recommend a fertility specialist for unexplained infertility? I've read that Dr Drescher is well liked. Has anyone here been treated by him? Thank you

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Any Macedonian dentist seeking for job in Zurich???

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Can anyone recommend a good British psychiatrist here in Zurich to treat depression?

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Anyone heard of this treatment? Its a drip and good for whole body... is the procedure available in Zurich, if so where and how much?  

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Help for frizzy hair anyone - Also the weather aint helping. I did the keratin treatment twice but now that its banned I am back on the forum for help!!

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Hi Forum, I'm trying to find a reputable, and decently priced, laser hair removal clinic? Does anyone know of one that they can recommend? All I see are prohibitively expensive ones (CHF 250 up per session) that all cost the same - as usual in Switzerland! Much appreciate any pointers you can provide. A

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Does anyone here knows someone or clinics that offers laser scar removal? I've got this scars since I was a child. I am a grown-up  now. I hope someone here can help me .  

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Hi guys, can I get black or other color from henna tattoo? Kindly let me know if you have any information regarding this.

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Is there a Sephora in Switzerland? Does anyone know if there is a Jane Iredale Representative in Switzerland? Thanks!

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I know there are quite a few posts about different salons but I am wondering if there are any hairdressers out there working from home or mobile who are perhaps from the UK? With lots of experience?? Who will do blonde highlights for my wifey??? (yes, i know, toni & guy etc etc but I don't know if I'll manage to find one in Zurich)

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1393857878 · posted: 1393847585

Hi guys I'm looking for a good hairdressing place in Zurich that doesn't charge the earth. ,my hair is blonde and curly, most salons don't know what to do with me and that's just in England haha! Any recommendations?!? Thanks, Tanja

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Hi guys wonder anyone got any good recommendation for ENT specialist in Zurich??? thanks

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