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Hi guys, I've been searching the internet including this forum for recommendations for cheap waxing services in Switzerland but so far I haven't found any. Most people recommend Strip or some other expensive studios but I am not looking for such.Their prices are ridiculously high for procedures which last no more than 10 minutes and I cannot believe that there are no normal places here at all. Please, if someone has had waxing at affordable price here, leave their coordinates here. Preferably a phone number, not only an address. Thanks!

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1393246199 · posted: 1392731334

Dear all, I have serious back and neck ache for the last couple of weeks. Back home, osteopaths tend to do some magic and I would like to try one out here. As their skills varies, I am asking on this forum for advice. Have you or a friend of yours been to an osteopath here in Switzerland, was satisfied with the service and would recommend him/her? Thank you very much, as it's pretty urgent. Best Y.

started by: Aleksandar-889737 · last update: 1392843804 · posted: 1392739226

Hi, We will shortly be relocating to Lucerne..Since I've had the same hairdresser for over 10 years, I was just wondering the quality of the hairdressing over there? Thanks, a very anxious customer .D

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1392739010 · posted: 1392673309

Does anyone know where I can buy St. Tropez self-tanning products in Zurich? Thanks

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1392738838 · posted: 1392676095

Hi there! I am looking for a good site to get beauty advice and info on - what products and so on. Where do you all go to get this info? There is a lot of variety here in Switzerland and it's mind boggling!

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Hi, Can anyone can recommend any dentists that do very good crowns at a decent price? This is for my front tooth, so looking for someone good even if I need to pay more for it! Appreciate any advice as I dont know where to start looking... recommendations and what you paid from people who've had this done here in Switzerland would be great! Thanks very much!

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1391026081 · posted: 1389359658

Hi, Anybody know where I am able to find pure coconut water here in Zurich? From brands such as VitaCoco, O.N.E, Zico etc? Thanks, T.

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Anyone know of clinics in Zurich or in Lucerne that provides good and affordable teeth whitening? Thanks!

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I have been on a starvation diet and a constant workout to burn my extra fats, the results aren't obvious and the worst thing is I got hungry quite often. Anyone here has better idea on how to lose weight more easily?

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Hi, Moving to Switzerland next month and I was wondering if it is better to buy myself a pair of prescription sunglasses here in the UK or wait until I get to Zurich. Will they be cheaper? (I'd be looking at Rayban or similar) they would cost about £150 with lenses here. Cheers

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1390846639 · posted: 1390325083

Can you recommend a rheumatologist? Many thanks

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1390507131 · posted: 1390304137

I am looking for Vitamin C for daily intake. Is an intake of 1000mg daily sufficient ? or should i take more?

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1389815557 · posted: 1389378651

Can anyone recommend a reputable dermatologist to treat acne in Zurich? My teenage bro has a bad case of acne, he is here on a short holiday so need to send him somewhere we wont be wasting time and money at. Any recommendations from anyone that has tried a clinic and has seen improvement would be most appreciated.

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Does anyone here have any insomnia problems? I have been losing my sleep quite often recently.. Tried taking sleeping pills but did not seem to help... Will appreciate any form of suggestions or from others who have overcome this problem...

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Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend good orthodontics. Thanks

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1387486740 · posted: 1387363392

I really need help with my teeth. I'm 35 this year and I have a really bad set of teeth. mainly due to me coming from a poor family and they didn't really invest in oral hygiene. Now there are really obvious dark stains that are visible. and i don't dare to smile. My personal dentist advised me to do internal bleaching but i heard that it's expensive, but i really want a good set of teeth. Any suggestions?

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Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor? Also how much can I expect to pay? Thanks.

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1387363068 · posted: 1386620764

Not sure if this is the right section but can anyone recommend a place for contact lenses? I normally get daily toric from online websites. It's CHF55 a box (so CHF 110 a month) which is the cheapest I've found so far. Just wondered if anyone's got any other recommendations - monthly/daily etc but needs to be toric (for astigmatism). Cheers!

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Can anyone recommend a reputable place for a keratin treatment. I was told that many places will use lye. I went to see Cedric because of the posts on him, but I have also heard mixed reviews about his service. Also Toni & Guy told me that it is better to do a series of their CHF 150 conditioning treatment before trying Keratin. Did one today and it did nothing for me. I had to walk out of the salon in a pony tail as they were clueless on how to style my curly hair. So I think Keratin is best, but I honestly don't know who uses real keratin and who knows what they are doing..

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