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Hi, any body have recommendations for acne scar treatments that are affordable?? Thanks!

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Hi all, Looking for a good liver supplement I can buy in Switzerland. The sooner the better cause holiday season is almost upon me. Here come the drinks and food. I'm a health freak and my liver will definitely suffer seasonal damage. Do you know some good supplements? Thanks : )

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Hi there! I'm looking for a good, clean, not crazzy expensive place for waxing. Been dissapointed by "stripp" Any recommentation? Thanks!

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Hi there, I'm looking for Bottega Verde products. Any ideas where to purchase it in Zurich? Thanks

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Does anyone have good recommendation of Pilates schools?

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Hello,  I am looking for somewhere to get my nails infilled (preferably with gel powder). I've asked a few salons around and it seems quite expensive here... Can anyone suggest anywhere good/cheap in the Northern Zurich or Central area that isn't going to break the bank (especially as I need to get it done every 2 weeks or so :S)? Cheers! Evy

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I have very little eyebrow hair due to genetics mostly, and also plucking when I shouldn't have plucked it at all. Nowadays I've been drawing my brows and doing a fine job too (practice makes perfect!). I've already tried eyebrow embroidery (twice!) but because I have shiny skin the colour doesn't stay and fades off after a few months. (Anyway it's PAINFUL to do it and up close and personal, it looks fake). I just read about eyebrow transplant procedures and was wondering where I can have it done....(http://www.eyebrowtransplantation.com/) . Help, anyone?

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Hi Everyone, I  was hoping you could share with me your experiences with day spas here in Zurich. Who do you recommend to go to for good spa packages - massage, skin wrap, facials, waxing etc? I am looking especially for a good exfoliating skin wrap. Thanks

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Does anyone know of a good specialist in singapore who treats back ache? Thanks

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Does anyone know of a good homeopath who also practises bach flower remedies, but is reasonable with fees? Would really help as am looking to healing my kid's severe eczema. Thanks you!

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Does anyone know a good Italian dentist? If anyone could help out it would be sincerely appreciated.... Mario

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Any idea if there's any good acupuncturist who go to home for treatment cause patient have difficulty in moving? Thank you very much!

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Hi, Could anybody share any experience with hypnotherapy here? I'm interested in things like overcoming stress/fears, boosting self-esteem, that kind of stuff. Any information is appreciated Thanks, Claire

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    Dear All I am an expat, living in Zurich for a couple of years... Psoreasis is a skin problem like eksema. I am asking any of you if you know of a "medicine man", a health practisioner, a chinese acupunkture or any other recomended doctor for this purpose?? In my home contry I have tried the homone creme, so I´m not looking for just a doctor to give me a creme. If you have any recomendations or just have heard of something, please let me know. Thanks in advance Claire

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Do you know good holistic dentist? prefer inexpensive. want to reduce Xray and avoid scrub as much as possible.

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15 years ago, I moved to St.Louis, USA. Walked into Great Clips (a chain) and requested "Simple haircut. Short in the sides and back, trim the top, and blend."  The lady pulled out a picture and said "like this?". I said "YES!".  It was a picture of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The haircut is called TCTG in that particular salon.  I have been going to the same salon and never had to explain my hair cut again. I moved to Zurich some months ago and would like a similar haircut.  do you know a stylist who would get the description? If so can you recommend? I am not planning to print and take a picture and look silly.

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Hi all, I was using Estee Lauder's Double Stay in place, and I switched to MAC,well my cheeks started to get breakouts,and leaving scars.And they have been popping out one by one. Can anyone suggest a better foundation brand that stays easy on the skin but gives good,lasting coverage? Thanks

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Hi Please, suggest a good tatoo centre for having a permanent one Thanks, Tanja

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I am planning to start from 6:30/45am, and run for 45mins. I am a beginner. If anyone who wants to do the same, please contact me

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Can anyone recommend a good therapist or course for Anger Management Training?

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