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Hi, I will appreciate an urgent advice on the best Neurosurgeon (brain tumor) in Zurich. Thanks,  Mario

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Hello, I'm looking for a make up artist that can apply a more natural look makeup for me, a Caucasian. Is anyone able to provide recommendations? With such different skin tones I'm a bit reluctant to go to someone who doesn't have previous experience working with Caucasians. I also want to avoid the big fake eyelashes and really heavy makeup as that just doesn't work on me. I would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks, Eve

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Hello, I've just moved to Zurich for work from the US and am looking for some advice on healthcare. Is there a plan people recommend for an individual? How about doctors, dentists, etc? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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We have just moved to Zurich and are living in the Central  area. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good doctor and also if you could tell me if you need a separate doctor for children. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I would really love a recommendation for a personal trainer if anyone has one!!! Ideally not TOO pricey....

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Hey, Is there someone who attended a healthcare and wellness program in Zurich? I was thinking at a whole weekend at a SPA Centrre downtown. I'll have some guests from Sweden and I thought to organise something special for them. What do you people suggest??????????

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 I need advice about eating after stomach surgery. My father had an intervention last week and I'm quite worried about his recovery, he is 57 years old.

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1377858969 · posted: 1377858969

Good morning, I'm searching for the perfect hairstyle for my "special day". Soon I'll get married and I want something unique. If someone may recommend me an experienced Hair Stylist I would be more than grateful!!!

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Hi, My wife has some brown spots because of the sun, she bought sone whitnening creams is just we are not sure if it is okay to go for a whitening treatment during summer. Did someone try to do this before? What do you people think about it?

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One simple question- What are the key factors in choosing sunscreen? I have a very pale skin, must confess that I did use some creams but I was not so pleased with it.

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Ciao, I'm so much into sporting activities that's why I seriously consider to go for an annual gym memership. Still, want to save some money so here's my question- What's the cheapest Gym Membership in Zurich?

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My fiance has this idea of trying the Dukan Diet but I just have a bad feeling. I heard that there are some side effects that can affect ones health...are these rumours real? What do you people think about it? Has anyone tried Dukan Diet before? Are you pleased with it?

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What is the best cellulite treatment? Unfortunately, I tried loads of creams befot but without any result! A list of good product it will be really useful. Maybe the ladies on this forum are aware of some home  made remedies/ even medical cellulite treatments...

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Hello, I'm having my baby in 4 months and together with my husband we are quite decided to settle in Switzerland. There are many things that worry me as I'm not so familiarised with Swiss health system. May anyone help me with some details on the services provided for young mothers and babies around? I'd be really grateful!!!  

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 I Feel So Awkward but I Think I'm going through high  depression. I'm 30 years old And I Dont Feel Like Doing Anything. I  just want to cry every time, no matter if there is a valid reason or not. some times, I Even Become furious at home. going throuh a real hectic life, and another more troubling fact is obesity. I'm really depressed and I think it's time to seek for professional help. Could you pls help and recommend a good psychologist in Zurich???????????????

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 Do you know any center where I can register for Prenatal Yoga Classes? I've just read an article about Prenatal Yoga and seems that there are lots of benefits both for the future mom and baby. I'm really eager to practice it, moreover I would love to meet other pregnant women and share our joy and fears, emotions regarding pregnancy.

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I'm very worried because all the issues I have with hair-loss. In the past few years I've tried lots of Hair Loss treatments without succes. A friend told me that Crescina products, even if they are quite expensive, are the only one on market that really works. Should I try these products? Do you know anybody that tried Crescina products? I'm vert curious to find'out more information about Crescina brand before any purchase! :D

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Join NEW class in Zürich that fuses the best of summer practices Yoga + Vegelato! Every Tuesday 14:00-15:00 @ Vegelateria (Müllerstr 64, 8004) 25CHF:  1 hour of yoga + your choice of Vegelato (20 delicious flavours- I've tried them all!) or Chi Drink or Swiss Drink  Read about this wonderful organic + vegan Vegelateria in online lifestyle magazine Newly Swissed  & learn  Ways to Wellness including Reiki healing, Lifestyle Counseling & Yoga. Looking forward to meeting you, Danielle

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I was just wondering if anyone of the gorgeous ladies around may recommend an efficient sun protection cream/ oil.????  Last year I used one from Nivea but for this summer I want to change it...

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Hi, can anyone give me the details of a good english speaking dentist in Zurich? I would be ver grateful!!! Cheers, Evelyn!

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