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Hi, does anyone know who I could contact to dispose of a large futon mattrass? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi Everyone, I am interested to know if there are any home expo/ fairs in the upcoming period. I've just bought a new house and I need some inspiration in what regards furniture and decorations! So, please let me know if there are some!

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A two bedroom apartment, to rent (Sublet) in the city center of Zurich as I am going away. In the price all bills are included (Internet, heating, electricity etc) The flat will be available from March 1st 2014 for several months. The entire flat is available. The flat is in a Victorian style and very relaxing and quite in Seefeld area in the city center, on Forchstrasse (close to Kreutzplatz) The flat is 85 sq.meters There are two bedrooms and a very large cozy living room with a table and big sofa. (The furniture can also be moved or sold If this is agreed) In the flat there is superfast wireless. The place is 5 minutes walking from Bellevue and 3 minutes by tram to get to Bellevue (Opera is located and meeting point in Zurich) You can also take the bus and get to the old city in 5 minutes, the main shopping street, and many tourist attractions. 10 minutes from ETH Science University. In 2 minutes walking distance there are many bars, restaurants, Supermarkets (COOP, Migros & Denner), post office & a dry cleaner. The place is very close to Hegibachplatz where you can take tram 11 or the Sbahn 18 get off at Hegibachplatz. There are also two buses stopping by 31, 33. The location is perfect as it is less than 5minutes from Bellevue. The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, oven, microwave and whatever is needed! There is a storage cellar and dry cleaner in the basement. Don t hesitate to contact me if you need further information & arrange a viewing, I'll answer you as soon as possible. Phone: 076 28 30 888

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Hi I need to buy a lot of new stuff, from tv to kitchenwear, from cleaning material till ironboard.. What are the right places to do so? and i've heard that once every 3 months there's a big electronics sale? anybody knows when that one is coming again? thanks

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After some horrible flat search experiences in Zurich I created this service which connects expats offering a flat or room with expats looking for a place to live.  We help expats in Zurich find flats or rooms by connecting them to other expats who are looking for new tenants. We collect room and flat offers which are not published on big internet platforms and send them exclusively to our subscribers. www.flatsforexpats.com https://www.facebook.com/flatsforexpats I'd be great to know if you think this is useful or not! Best, Thomas

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Oops perhaps there is this topic already but inspired by something that happened to me this morning I felt like having this discussion with Someone, and who better than five thousand or so of your closest friends whom you have never met.....? My story first: Several years ago an Aunt of mine in England was in the RHS Wisley carpark looking for a space when a car reversed into her. The other party was held completely liable because evidently although most people front park you are only covered by insurance if you reverse or parallel park in this situation. Like a good little geek I have followed this rule where possible in case of small children etc We have been in our new house for almost two weeks and today I received a call from our property management. The neighbours have complained about my parking! There is plenty of room (we have two spaces and I only use one) Evidently my exhaust fumes waft into their garden which is all of five metres away... Please tell me a story so that I know we have not mistakenly bought a house in Freaksville and that there are indeed other Swiss Freaky Neighbours out there! Thank you!

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I have a deep passion for flowers, especially orchids which are also my favourites. Unfortunately every time I buy one I know that will not last, they fade away so quicly. Maybe someone on this forum, may give me some orchid care tips. I'll be really grateful!

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My family and I have been living here in the Zürich area for three wonderful years now, and we are now moving away for professional reasons. It is a wonderful area to live in, and is very pleasant for expats. There are a lot of international schools and other expat families. So much to do for the children as well. We live on the Gold Coast 25 minutes from Zürich city centre. It is lovely, right next to the countryside and by the lake. Our home is a big family house with a beautiful view on the lake and the Alps. Because we are moving away this summer, it is available for rent. If anyone is interested let me know and I can give you more information.  

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I just moved in a new house where I own a lovely garden, as I love flowers so much I thought it would be great to plant some flowers. Is it okay to plant flowers bulbs during summer? Does anyone want to share few gardening tips?

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Hi, Roses are my favourite flowers but unfortunately they fade away in an instant. Maybe someone can share some tips of how to take care of roses in order to last more. Any suggestions are useful!!!!

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Hi, I'm moving in 3 weeks and I have to make some arrangements in order to find a moving truck to help me with all my things. Do you know anyone who might have a truck for rent?

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Hi, My washing machine stopped suddenly working in the middle of a load!!! Does anyone know an expert around who can help me fix it. I don't afford to buy a new one. :(

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Our new home is almost ready for us but we needs a qualified carpet fitter with good rates. Can anyone rcommend any please?

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I am looking for a domestic cleaner who speaks english to clean home every 8 days for 6 hrs. rate CHF 20 per hr. thank you

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Can someone tell me if it is allowed to plant trees on the borderline of our property and that of our neighbours. We woke up to an evergreen that is I think on OUR land this morning! Thanks for any hintsDenis

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We need a plumber for some basic repairs, is the word for this a Sänitär in German? We live in Spreitenbach. any reccomendations?hmw

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I know this may sound strange, but will palm trees grow in the Basel area and what do I have to do the winter to keep them from freezing. I would love to have one planted outside to give me the mediterranean feeling, but not sure if I dare! newgirlintown

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We have some landscaping work to be done on our property, and looking for someone reliable and of course English speaking to do it, with references. I will only work with a registered reputable company, please don't suggest yourself as a "part timer".ThanksSteve

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