Inane Swiss Neighbours

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Oops perhaps there is this topic already but inspired by something that happened to me this morning I felt like having this discussion with Someone, and who better than five thousand or so of your closest friends whom you have never met.....? My story first: Several years ago an Aunt of mine in England was in the RHS Wisley carpark looking for a space when a car reversed into her. The other party was held completely liable because evidently although most people front park you are only covered by insurance if you reverse or parallel park in this situation. Like a good little geek I have followed this rule where possible in case of small children etc We have been in our new house for almost two weeks and today I received a call from our property management. The neighbours have complained about my parking! There is plenty of room (we have two spaces and I only use one) Evidently my exhaust fumes waft into their garden which is all of five metres away... Please tell me a story so that I know we have not mistakenly bought a house in Freaksville and that there are indeed other Swiss Freaky Neighbours out there! Thank you!


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