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I have a marble floor that has scratches in it and the finish is basically gone. Can anyone tell me the process of getting the shine back and the dirt AND scratches out. I have been told that you can either just "clean and polish up applying a product to shine, or sand and clean -polish and put the protectant on.Questions are1. Does the sanding produce a lot of dust in the rooms - on the windows2. do the scratches "disappear" from the floor after the sanding?3. What would the price per m2 be for a) clean - polish or b) sand, clean polish and4. How long would it generally take to do a 40m2 apartment with the sanding option?Thanks for your inputmg


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Hello, i know a few answers -

some dust will occur, but nowaways is wet sanded, not like it flies over

the deeper you sand the more scratches disappear. small ones definitely, larger ones maybe

I imagine prices are from SFr. 80.-- upwards

I think to do it properly 40m2 would take about 3 days

hope his helps!


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Hi MG,

I have just had had marble floor restored and it has an excellent finish - I had it professionally done by a guy called Mark. email me private if you would like his number and im sure you can call him and ask about the process. He speaks perfect English

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