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Are there any banned breeds in Switzerland? 

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Need help in choosing best courier to bring my dog over to Switzerland (from UK). Who did you use and which one is the best? Can anyone help please. Thanks in advanced!

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My name is Katie and I am a professional dancer and a huge dog lover.I am currently living in Rheinfelden (close to Basel) with my partner. I travel a lot with my job and very much miss my family dogs who are with my parents. I've grown up with big dogs and also lived with my friends dog whilst in London and regularly dog sat. If you need a trust worthy, friendly, energetic person to love and look after your furry friend then please get in contact with me.   

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Hello ! Just to alert you to a new advert in the Classifieds Section of Pets & Animals.HAPPYCATS.ZURICHCANTON. If you are looking for an ENGLISH SPEAKING Genuine, Caring, Experienced, Professional, Trustworthy Pet-Sitter, at a GOOD PRICE. Happy Cats could be for You!      

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I thought it would be a great idea to buy a new furry friend for my kids, a little kitty will make my children very, very happy! Where may I find a Pet Shop in Zurich?

started by: Aleksandar-889737 · last update: 1374249857 · posted: 1373139769

I want to buy a persian female kitten, white color is preferable. The problem is that I didn't find any pet store in Zurich that sells persian cats! Do you have any ideas from where can I buy a new furry friend?????????

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Hello, I've found a puppy 2 days ago, unfortunately because of my busy schedule at work I can't keep it. Are there any shelters in Zurich where I can let my furry friend? Or maybe someone is interested in adopting him...??

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Yeah, that's right I'm looking for a Hotel for Animals around. I'm going to travel to Venice and I need to find a safety place for my dog! Any suggestions?

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Hi, This is urgent!!!! I've just found a little puppy, unfortunately because of my busy work schedule I can't keep it!:( Are there animal shelters in Zurich?????????????????????

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Can someone tell me the breed of those big black Swiss dogs that look sort of like a St. Bernard? I see them in the country towns a lot. Merci!

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Hello,We are new to Basel and looking for a genuine dog-lover to pop in during a working day to play, walk and feed our 2 year old Shih-Tzu. She is very much a people's dog with a delightful character.Also the possibility of occasional care in your home when we have to go away.Please reply by email for further information and to arrange a play date.Many Thanks

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Wooden step for large dogs to enter cars, SUV's or jeeps for sale. Swiss Invention. This sturdy wooden step is great for large dogs who should not jump in or out of vehicles because of hip problems or especially for older dogs. New price was SFr. 99.00, selling for SFr. 50.00This can be sent, but is really heavy.blw

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Does anyone know of dog walking services in Zurich? Much appreciated barb

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Hello, I am looking for a cat sitter for 2 visits a day in Oerlikon from July 4th through July 14th.Could you recommend someone reliable?Thank you!Patricia

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Hi there, I am looking for a kitten: any colour, no particular pedigree, preferable a male ... Only one criteria: no long hair please... Would anyone know where to buy one or maybe someone would like to offer one? We are a loving family , none smoking ... We live in the village of Dallikon near Regensdorf. Thanks for your help and your advice! Geraldine

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Hi everyone, I don't really understand how it works in Switzerland when I'm travelling by train and taking my dog with me. Do I have to pay for it too? thanks

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Our family is contemplating buying a dog, but I am not sure where to begin looking...... mg

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Hi I will be in Zug for one week, and if anyone would like me to take their dog for a walk in the mornings, I'm available (free of charge!) Judy

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Does anyone know where I can buy or order home-made bio or organic pet food? Much appreciated.canuk

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