Best Pet couriers?

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Need help in choosing best courier to bring my dog over to Switzerland (from UK). Who did you use and which one is the best? Can anyone help please. Thanks in advanced!


Aleksandar-889737 1384198665

We used Peter's Pets for our very old lab mix. No complaints at all, went without a hitch. Don't know where you are coming from in the UK but I have used one in Yorkshire, one near Gatwick and one in Scotland (the move here) and they were all good.

Tanja-889735 1384287368

We used Ladyhaye in Surrey. They shipped out our dog and his late sister from Hull to Zurich and shipped in a rescue dog from Zurich to Gatwick. No problems at all either time, really good service.

Hans van Veen 1384789270

Hello, in case you're having difficulties with your dog shipping, I'll be happy to be of help. I will drive to UK and pick up your loved one (as I considered my own dog to be) and drive it over to your home in Zurich. I am a private person with a small van and I can also fill up the rest of the cargo hold with other stuff you might need shipped. Depending on where in England of course, it should be around 800 euros. I can also transport long items (5 meters) on the roofrack. I reside near Grenoble. Plz consider Swiss documents in case needed, this to avoid hassles at the border. 

Plz shoot me an email gimme a buzz: +33 (0)61 792 0941, Van. My email:

Any time,

Van Veen.

Claire01-888846 1384861656

Hello Van Veen,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post. Unfortunately, 800 euros is too much. I'm on a quite tight budget so, I can't afford...



P.S. Thank you Aleksandar and Tanja. I'll check the prices for the courier services you've suggested!

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