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Hi everyone, I don't really understand how it works in Switzerland when I'm travelling by train and taking my dog with me. Do I have to pay for it too? thanks


Chris-177912 1275321085

Yes you have to pay for your dog. But I think only a half price ticket.

hans-177104 1275338598

Dogs that can't be carried in a basket or bag must pay half price of a full fare anywhere. The old rules were that dogs paid SFr. 6.00 per trip. That was changes some 8 years ago.
You also cannot buy yearly tickets for dogs (GA), only daily tickets.
Hope this helps


sheilab-177252 1283098490

This was pretty interesting. Could be expensive though if you go on long distances, for example taking your dog from Lucerne to Zurich and back costs over SFr. 20.00! Hmm Expensive if you ask me.


Lea-177369 1284191391

I was just going to ask the same question, as my friend is babysitting her neighbours dog next week, so wow, half price makes even the dogs ticket Sfr. 20.00!! That's kind of crazy, isn't it?


justwondering 1285850874

Do I understand correctly that dogs pay 1/2 fare? I heard that bikes are also half fare, is that correct?

hans-177104 1286821367

Yes, dogs are half price, and bicycles also to a maximum, but not sure what that is, I think around 12 Francs.

mg-177106 1297454113

Hello all,

Yes, dogs are allowed on trains in Switzerland any size of dog. If you can hold them on your lap they are Free. If not they pay half price!


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