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Hi there, I am looking for a kitten: any colour, no particular pedigree, preferable a male ... Only one criteria: no long hair please... Would anyone know where to buy one or maybe someone would like to offer one? We are a loving family , none smoking ... We live in the village of Dallikon near Regensdorf. Thanks for your help and your advice! Geraldine


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HI Geraldine,

Have you thought of going to a "Tierheim"? I am sure they have many looking for homes!


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Hi Geraldine, yes, Lea is right about Tierheims, like the SPCA, they are happy to pass on kittens. You can also put up an ad in your local grocery store where they have notes to fill out your telephone number. I can translate what you need to write if you like.
Here is a link to Animal Shelters (Tierheims) where you can also call. "Büsi" is the word in Swiss... =)

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Hi there,

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, my husband had the computer for work.

Thanks a lot for your help, I will go and see at the place you adviced.


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I reccomend that you check this web site from Cyprus where a lot of rescue dogs and cats are posted.


the available kittens are posted here: https://sites.google.com/...d-kittens

There is a very big problem in Cyprus with stray and abandoned animals and the lady who runs this association does a wonderful work and she is very reliable as she runs a registered, fully accountable association. Her name is Ruth Mew ( ruthmew1@cytanet.com.cy ) and she sends dogs and cats to other countries in Europe.

Even a better idea is to go to Cyprus for vacation and get the kitten who is always given chipped and vaccinated. The transport costs are minimal. Plus I saved an animal.

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Hi Geraldine.

Did you ever find your kitten, and if yes I would be interested in knowing where you got it?



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