pet sitting / house sitting around Zurich

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hi everybody, last year i used to live in Wollerau and i've done a lot of dog and cat sitting and i really loved it, I will be back in Switzerland in September so if there is some owner who would need someone help to take care of there pets around Zurich lake, I will be realy happy to go out with them and to feed them, well everything they need.iIve a diplome in agriculture and an other one in management and concervation of the wild life, I've done 2 month of volunteer in a reserve in peru amasonia, with a lot of wild animal, and this month i'm going to take care of sea turtle. anyway all this to say that i have some experience with animal, there are my passion.If you leave in holiday in can also do some house sitting : I will take of your pets and in the same time keep your house safe and clean untill your return.Some stuff about me :i'm a 23 years old french girl who speak english all the time because of my travellings.i have also no problem to work with swissgerman people even if i don't speak german.Email if you need me. I have all the time during the morning and the afternoonsthank you My charges are not fixed, it depends of your geographical situation but generaly it's 20 chf


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Good Morning

Where will you be living in Switzerland. Would you consider "day jobs" and just taking my dogs for a walk.

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i will living at Wollerau, but i have a car so i can move around. yes i will be okay for the day jobs,

where do you live ?



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i will arrive on the 22th of september by the way !

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Thanks, have already found someone else, good luck though.

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