Where to buy a dog?

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Our family is contemplating buying a dog, but I am not sure where to begin looking...... mg


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Tierheim is the word for shelters if you are looking to adopt a pet.


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Do you have a specific breed in mind? If you go to the local Humane Society you might get a really good dog for a reasonable price. They make sure their animals are all healthy.

Evi-178522 1290731170

Most probably you have adopted a dog by now but should you wish another one check this web site from Cyprus where a lot of rescue small dogs are posted including the very gentle, smart cyprus poodle-terrier. Shelters are overcrowded and most dogs are being killed at the pounds before they even have the chance to go to the shelters.


I brought mine from Cyprus as I wanted a small to medium size, friendly, gentle rescue dog. I reserved it, went for vacation and got the dog who was already sterilised, chipped, vaccinated and with EU passport. With the transport costs it cost me less than I would have paid here and plus I saved an animal.

There is also a german association that cooperates with them and brings the dogs to Germany and neighbouring countries. It's called Zypernhunde and here is the web site http://www.zypernhunde.de/

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I have two wonderful dogs in America now, and I am trying to find one or both of them a home. I could bring them to Zurich, but I am afraid with my work schedule and apartment, I couldn't keep them. So If I could find one of them a great home, I would be willing to bring them over.

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