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I will soon be moving my 7 year old AngloArab mare to NPZ stables in Bern centre. I have some major commitments coming up and therefore need to look for someone competent to share with. She is 168cm (16.2HH) and currently undergoing dressage training with a professional, she evented last season at Amateur 2 Grand Prix and gained some firsts. She is a good all rounder. Looking to share livery costs, farrier costs, if accident or injury incurred whilst riding share of vets bill. Routine teeth and vets will be met by me. Interested? Contact Gwen

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I know of fish called Beta Fish that I had in Canada, they were happy in a fish bowl, and not a pain to take care of like most. I can't seem to find any in Switzerland. Does anyone have a translation?Thankssheilab

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Hello all, "Lady Friday" can come & stay in your home during the summer or autumn or winter periods, to look after your pet (s) or just to be in your home so that it is not empty. References available.

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All I can seem to find is Pedigree dog food in Switzerland. Is there anywhere that I can buy Hills, Science Plan or other healthier brands?Would appreciate if anyone can lead me in the right direction.Judy

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I went for a walk the other day in Grün 80 park in Basel, and there was a rottweiler running free. Is it not a law in Switzerland for dogs on leashes?Lea

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Are dogs really allowed to travel on trains. I have visitors coming from the UK and bringing theirs. Do they have to pay? Is there a size limit? (they have a golden retriever.) Thanks if someone can tell me, Jenny

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Hi,I know this exists in some big cities in the States, but does Zurich have a "Dog Cooperative" were owners in the local areas (usually in apartment blocks) can get together to organize dog care. Or is this kind of thing highly regulated?Reason for asking is I have a Labrador and it would be unfair to leave the dog in my apartment during the day while I work. At the moment it is not a problem as I live in the countryside (France) and the dog has a good amount of space in our enclosed garden to run around in until I get home.Working in Zurich would be very different.All advice is welcome! Thanks,James

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I will be babysitting my neighbours German Shephard in December, and wonder if there is something in Switzerland like a dog park to take him for a good run... Swissfan

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To all dog lovers please is there anyone who could help the abandoned, ill treated, dogs in the very poorly funded refuges in Italy, by adopting or fostering one, if anyone is interested please look at the website petsinitaly.com (Fiona Tankard) or contact me, this appeal is urgent. Thank you if you can help.

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Hello I am hoping to find a dog-friendly, off-leash park where my dog can play and socialize with others, as well as give me some valued natural enjoyment. I have just arrived in Switzerland and haven't found my way around very well yet.

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I have heard about ticks in Switzerland, that are attacking dogs, called Zecken. How dangerous are these bugs? Jenny

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I have just moved to Switzerland (Lucerne), and have a question about dogs, are they allowed everywhere, stores, restaurants.... I would love to take Ben, my golden retriever with me everywhere. I see dogs all over. :-) Lea

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We are going to Italy for a week, and won't be taking our Golden Retriever with us. Anyone have any dogsitter ideas or perhaps Kennels to reccomend? thanks Swissfan

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English lady, available to house/pet sit, experienced, at present in Lugano area. please contact me & we can discuss dates etc.

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My daughter want to buy a puppy, do we need to buy a licence for it, and what about chips are they compulsary? Koenig

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