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I have been through Berne a couple of times and have seen the city from a car. But never actually stayed there. So I am looking for advice on where to stay? What area of the city is good? I would prefer a hotel that costs less than CHF 150 but not a hostel or a pub stay. Any advice for a good pub for a Saturday afternoon pub? Any good night spots - bars & clubs?  Any museums worth visiting? All advice is highly appreciated

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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a credible tour group. I'm a 38 yr old female and want to explore Switzerland while I am here for work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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as the title suggests what would be your favourite 5 destinations to travel to from Switzerland on weekend/ 4to5 night trips. arriving over soon to live and work, looking forward to exploring the country over long weekends.

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Hi,I am Maria. I've been climbing for 6-7 years with a a lot of passion for the sport.I am looking for a climbing partner for indoor/outdoor. My climbing grades are up to 7a (with some training) but I prefer multi-pitch. Let me know if you are interested!  

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Hey guys, Have you heard of any yoga marathons in Switzerland? I'm looking forward to join one...anyone join these type of marathons before??   Thank you!

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One of my new year's resolution is to take up boxing for female (even though I am not the athletic type)   I have yet to check up the classes or locations available, but any female interested in taking up this sport with me? Or is there any experienced boxers here to give some advice?   Thank you!

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Hi I am looking for buddies to learn rock climbing. Male here!  

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Are there any art courses for beginners in Zurich? I'm interested mostly in scultpture and painting ones! Oh, and not very expensive as I'm running on a quite tight low budget!

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What's the best resort around to spend the winter holidays? Thanks!

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Hey, Are there any Hatha Yoga courses in Zurich? Thank you very much!

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Any suggestions? Thanks!

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How's best to travel from Zurich to Luzern...by train or by car? Thanks in advanced!

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I am looking for a cheap stay in Luzern for a weekend away with family and friends; any suggestions of cheap hotels? We are looking for a low rate as we are on a quite tight budget for this trip.   Thanks!

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Hi, I'm a 30 year old expat male who loves tennis but is not so good at playing it. I've played tennis for 6 months and would like to play regularly with someone other than my coach. I'm also happy to pay fee for someone on an advanced level who would be willing to rally with me. If you are interested, please let me know. P.

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Hi all, We are planning for a short photography trip to St. Moritz in August. It will be Single Room basis and all inclusive, and it is a small group of enthusiast of 10 persons and focusing on photography only. Anyone interested? Please feel free to contact me. Cheers, P.

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Hello forum folks! I'm in search of a rock climbing partner or a climbing group to climb on weekdays. The reason for this is that I work odd hours and have a rather inconsistent work week, so I usually have weekdays free. I've got both Level 1 and 2 certification, but have not been climbing for almost 2 years, so am very rusty. I'm under 50kg. I'd like to start climbing regularly again. If there's anyone who's able to climb with me regularly on weekdays (I'm flexible with the time), please drop me a note. Many thanks.

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Hi guys, Would be interested to pick up Tennis again (since high school years). If anyone would like to play on one of the weekends, that would be great. Claire

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Hello, Anybody know if there is a suitable gym for bodybuilding in Zurich? by this i mean: Not overly crowded, especially with personal trainers. lots of mirrors machines weights Im at some gym now and I can't stand it anymore. It's overly crowded, constant flow of people walkign around you while exercizing, and I lose at least 15 min each time queuing to access a rack or machine. thanks for your help.

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I am fresh off the plane, and now living in the beautiful city of Zurich. My bike seems to have suffered in the shipping over here, and i need some repairs/servicing. I don't have a car, nor a lot of spare time. Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic/repair service? A colleague has used one before, but can't remember the details. A search online hasn't come up with anything...

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My friends and myself are into Zumba and Yoga classes so wondering if any friends here wanna join us and workout together? The more, the merrier! We would love to make new friends from other countries to learn the different cultures too! Hope to see replies! Cheers!

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