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hey, i love playing squash, and i live in Zurich, I know a squash court and I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind joining me for a few games...

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Hello! I will be moving to Lucerne from Zurich this upcoming December and while I am totally pumped about it, the only thing I will miss from my neighborhood is my yoga studio that I've been attending for the past 4 years. I wanted to get people's opinions about hot yoga studios in Lucerne. Is it worth the crazy prices I've seen posted, or should I just stick to trying to do yoga outside? Thanks for any advice!

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Will be moving to Basel mid November from Zurich. I am a keen basketball player looking to play at least once a week. Any suggestions where I could play as part of a recreation league? Or any fellow expats play together somewhere? Thanks

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Hi, I am trying to resuscitate this topic and see we can make it happen in 2013. Calling all potential skiers and snowboarders who are interested to buddy up for a trip in Jungfrau region, in December PM me if you are interested and able to meet up!

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Anyone interested in horse riding? I will be going alone next week. Riders Lodge participating the Beginners 3D2N package. They do provide pick up at additional charge which I have already paid for. PM me if you are interested.

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Hi I am looking for buddies to learn rock climbing. Female here!

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  Hmmmm, I'm looking for a camping area in Basel. It's the first time when I take in consideration this option therefore I'm not too familiarised with.. What do you people think about?

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Hey everyone,   I'm seeking for a Hockey Club in Zurich in order to join the local team. I'm an amateur player. Hockey is one of my biggest passions, previously I was part of a sporting team in Canada, Toronto. There, I've been lucky to practise hockey for more than 6 years. What Hockey Clubs are in Zurich?

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I'm looking for best tourism deals in Zurich. I intend to go in Greece this autumn on a pretty tight budget. I'm not interested in expensive destinations such as Santorini but something more affordable- maybe Creta. Please advise me a good and trustable agency...

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I'm seeking for an indoor swimming pool for kids. I want to register my daughter for swimming classes. What is a reasonable price for swim lessons?    

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Hello everyoneOur rugby club, Rugby Union Zurich, is currently looking for a new head coach. We train in Zürich-Wollishofen twice a week.Please find all details in the letter attached.I would be very thankful if you could forward this letter to anyone who might be interested in becoming our new head coach.We are always happy to welcome new rugby players to our team, too. More details available on http://www.ru-zurich.ch.With oval greetings,Matthias DiezVice President, Rugby Union Zurich

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Hi All, Well, I just read some articles about "Kangoo Jumps" sporting technique, seems a quite innovative way to practice sport. The exercises are simple- cardio moves combined with dance. Are there any places around where I can register for Kangoo Jumps. I'm eager to start as soon as possible.  

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Any horse riding club in Zurich? No one that I know, knows a horse riding club around! Maybe someone around here could help:D:D::D

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Could anyone on this Forum tell me if there are any special places for fishing in Zurich? Do I need a special permit for this? If YES from where I can get a license????

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Why are swimming pool entry in Zurich so expensive? Does anyone know a cheap swimmig pool for adults but also for kids????

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  Where can I find a Golf Club in Zurich? I started play golf 2 years ago, must confess that was love at first sight. Now, that I'm living in Zurich I can't wait playing golf again!!!

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  This is a question for families with kids under 5. I have two children- a boy that is 4 and a little girl that is 2 years old. Do you know some interesting activities for a family day-out?

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Hi, I'm an adventure seeker that adores the climbing way of life no matter if it is rock climbing, ice climbing, etc. So I'm wondering if there are any climbing clubs to join in Zurich??? thanks.

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Please give me some suggestions about how can I get from Geneva to Jungfrau? !! Shall I take the train where it's much easier to go there by car...?

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Hi Everybody, I want to start a yoga group here, together with my Italian friend that has been practising yoga for more than 15 years. We are thinking to begin with a basic course that is adressed to those who don't know much about yoga. The course it will be implemented for 3 months then, if you are ready, you can go forward to the next level. What do you think about it? Are there any amateures for yoga classes in Zurich?

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