started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1364482716 · posted: 1364419146

I want to organise a spring break camp for teenagers in the Alps! Is there anyone interested to participate?Lots of educational activities will be held.

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1364418610 · posted: 1364418610

I'm ready to roll so here's my question- are there any motorcycle training classes in Zurich? How much is the total coast?:)

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1363792598 · posted: 1363699636

Hi Guys, My cousin is coming to visit me and I was just wondering which are the main tourist attractions around? Unfortunately he will stay just 3 days and we want to visit as many places as possible! Many thanks in advanced!    

started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1362087339 · posted: 1361475315

Hi, I would love to start a Book Club for all the enthusiastic readers around! What do you people think about it? It would be perfect if I can gather at least 5 persons, we can read 1 book per month. There will be some great meetings to discuss about the book at my place, I'm a great host!!!

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1362062450 · posted: 1361639241

Hi there, A friend just told me that she wants to join aqua swimming classes. I thought it would be a great idea also for my fiance to attend as she adores swimming. What do you think about aqua spinning? Is there anyone who already tried this?

started by: Tanja-889735 · last update: 1361641150 · posted: 1361449062

Hello, Are there any yoga practitioners around? I would be glad if someone could give me information about yoga courses available in Zurich. I never practice yoga before...  

started by: Patrick007 · last update: 1361640776 · posted: 1361470602

  I just saw some fantastic tutorials on youtube about Origami Art. I would really love my children attend a specialize workshop in order to stimulate their creativity. Are there any Origami courses in Zurich?

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1361186700 · posted: 1361186700

Hi, Are there any clubs providing horse or pony riding lessons for kids in Zurich? Thanks in advanced!

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1359036291 · posted: 1358026684

Hi, There are any bloggers around? I intend to start my own travelling blog and I would need some tips from people who already have a blog...

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1358963360 · posted: 1358339196

Hi, My name is Claire, Scotish women with a deep passion for Italian language. Now I'm preparing alone for the CILS exam but I find it quite difficult without having a teacher, therefore I'm seeking for someone who could help me...are there any Italian Natives around willing to earn extra-cash? Also an Italian experienced teacher would be fine...

started by: basser · last update: 1357577776 · posted: 1357577776

Fishing     basser writes in General Report abuse   I acquired a fishing rod and would like to know the history and what it is worth. The printing on the rod is Fischerci-u-Sportartikel A-G Zurich.  angler2@ptd.net

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1351512742 · posted: 1265238517

I was wondering about ski trails in Switzerland and Skiing in general, about "rules of the road etc. Is there a Website that tells me such things?ThanksSteve

started by: hmw · last update: 1351512509 · posted: 1277510860

We are staying in Switzerland during our holidays, anyone have some hints for 3 or 4 hour hikes - we live near Zurich, but would drive an hour or 2 beforehand to go for a hike in the mountains - beginner level please?!HMW

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1351511685 · posted: 1288731960

Our family would like to take a ski vacation in January, not sure where to go. We do not have equipment, and need an instructor (s) as well. Any suggestions?canuk

started by: LouLouN · last update: 1349346230 · posted: 1348584574

In the UK I took a few classes per week mainly Zumba, Swimming and Aerobics.   Can anyone recommend any groups or classes in Zurich? I have a car so able to commute a little.  

started by: skiier · last update: 1317337647 · posted: 1314815553

Does anyone know about the skiing conditions in ¨Wallis on the glaciers these weeks, with the weather being so sunny in August. Ist the skiing goo?Thanks

started by: hmw · last update: 1314171553 · posted: 1312755075

I can hardly believe the cheap prices of easyjet flights in september and october. return flights all over europe for as little as sfr. 40.00. are there any hidden costs, anyone have experience with flying with them? much appreciatedhmw

started by: hmw · last update: 1312463774 · posted: 1311328784

I heard that we can check in our luggage ahead of time at the airport, even at the train station. Is this true? Where can I find information?Thankshmw

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1311543599 · posted: 1304497718

I have friends coming in the summer that would like to visit through Switzerland with their camper trailer. Can anyone reccomend nice places to travel to with a "Wohnmobile" camper (2 children, 2 adults). Much appreciatedDenis

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Hi All, check out our golf activity this evening:- http://zurich.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonevent.asp?event=5203 Hope to see you there

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