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Can anyone tell me the best place or good places for summer skiing? thank youblw

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I just wanted to let the community know that the amazing Aquadiva swimsuits are finally available in Switzerland too! The Australians are probably familiar with this stylish and comfortable garments, for all the others check out www.amsports.ch (the online shop thats sells them In Switzerland) or the Australian website itself. I totally love them, especially when the sun is out!

started by: skiier · last update: 1303978105 · posted: 1293610315

What great weather to hit the slopes, and they say it will be a great winter in general I have 2 snowboards for sale. One Burton Board with soft boots and bindings to match NP for the set 1800.00, selling for 600.00 OBO1 Wild Duck - Swiss made paid SFr. 600.00, selling for 200.00. skiier

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Friends and myself would perhaps be interested in joining a group, club association in Basel and Bern where we live, but are not sure where to find them. It could be to do with sports or just social, whatever. if you know of any that accept new members, would be happy to hear from you.canuk

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Can someone tell me more about this famous Sechsilauten ceremony in Zurich please? thank you hmw

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Is there such a thing as indoor minigolf in Switzerland? Never seen or heard of it. Jenny

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I want to lose weight and heard about that Yoga is very helpful for losing weight, so I decided to join regular yoga classes next month. Now I'm looking for a Yoga suit for the class. But I don't know how to choose a good one, so I want some advice. I just found 2 suits on the Internet but am wondering that which style will be more convenient and suitable for doing Yoga. What do you think about them? Moreover, anyone knows that which type of yoga would be more effective for losing weight?Thanks in advance.

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I live in Cham but work in Zurich, Altstätten, and was thinking that maybe a trip to the Gym during my 1.5 hour break at lunch would be an idea. anyone know of anywhere within walking or short tram drive distance? Sami

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I would like to take some German lessons in the new year. There are so many way to learn, CD, lessons, private lessons, schools or tutors as well as some really good books I have found.I would appreciate some comments as to what others have done in Switzerland to get over the language barrier.also, should I learn Swiss or High German as they seem to call it?canuk

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We want to go toboganning on the weekend, have to rent some sleds though. Any suggestions? Judy

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There seem to be sooo many mountains and cable cars, I would like to take visitors up somewhere during the Fall vacation, any suggestions? Thanks CUsoon

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Snowshoes (like everything else) in this country are so expensive. Does anyone have some used ones kicking around to sell? Thanks CUsoon

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Friends coming short term looking for vacation accommodation during the holidays from Dec 23-jan 6, family of 8. Ski area preferred. Denis

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Can that really be true that in Zermatt hotels a minîmum stay of 10 nights is required? I called 3 places and they all said the same thing. That's crazy! Is it that filled up there? Thanks if anyhow has a tip for me on how to go about booking. CUsoon

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Hello, We are looking into buying a Crosstrainer like http://www.athleticum.ch/shop/products/details/variant/3159545.html. Although I am not a big Kettler fan, it may be the best thing available on the Swiss market... Does anybody have good experiences buying fitness equipment from certain shops in the vicinity of Zug/Zurich? Thanks Robert

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Can anyone tell me if they have experience with the GA train tickets? Is it true that all train travel is free with that? Is it worth the money? Thank you mg

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1288009544 · posted: 1287733927

I heard that half price tickets are good for reduction on some cable cars.- is that correct? We want to go to the Rigi or Titlis on the weekend, and any kind of saving would be good. denis

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I have friends moving next year from the US who are very active socially, and would like to know about US groups or clubs that they could look into before coming here. - Man, wife and 2 children ages 9 and 14. Thanks mg

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I have seen pictures of a pumpkin farm in switzerland, but have no idea where it is, can someone please tell me more, would love to go on the weekend. Many thanks Jenny

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I am looking for a place to spend Chirstmas in the mountains with some friends. Would like to rent a cabin-chalet- maybe apartment sort of thing, but don't really know where. A nice getaway in the alps so to say for about 5 people, maybe 6. If you have something write to me. Thank you. jenny

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