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When I arrive in Switzerland, I am really wondering about how to find contact with other foreigners. I am from Ontario, Canada, and think that it would be neat to meet others who have already gone through the teething problems of living in an different country. I imagine I will have lots of questions once I get there, and not sure where or who to ask! CUsoon

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Hi Can anyone reccomend a way to find a hotel in Lucerne? Any suggestions? Thanks Sheilab

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This weather in Switzerland is really driving me crazy. For a day off you need to pack jeans, bathing suit, and umbrella and who knows probably winter boots as well. Is this normal here the way the weather has been these past 3 weeks? Where's the sun? I can believe it but the farmers even cut the grass in the rain, does the sun never shine?Skiier

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I have never taken yoga, but thought no time like the present. Is there somewhere in Zug that perhaps offers yoga for beginners? Thanks skiier

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We are looking for a place to spend a few days "in the Alps" in the fall during the school holidays. You know, hiking and going for walks, maybe take a cable car up a mountain and walk down. Any suggestions? CUsoon

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Was anyone able to buy tickets for the Match for Africa with Federer and Nadal on 21. December? Would love to go, but didn't get a ticket online in time. Denis

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We went to the Zoo in Zurich yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that it was great. Had a 4, 7, and 12 year old with us, and it was amazing. mg

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Is there a Website or place to find information about sporting possibilties for disabled children? Justwondering

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Can anyone tell me where we can find a place to go horsebackriding with children near Zurich? thanks sheilab

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Can anyone suggest a golf course near Dietikon, have friends from South Africa coming to visit, very avid golfers. Many thanks hmw

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Any suggestions what to do with friends on a rainy weekend?Judy

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HI everyone, I'm following the European Championships in Athletics in Barcelona at the moment. Does anyone know when the international meeting is on in Zurich? Thanks for the help.

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Does anyone know where I can see outdoor cinema in Zurich or Lucerne until the end of summer? ThanksSteve

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For all of you wondering what to do on the weekend, big things happening in Zurich, the Ironman race is Sunday, and the Olympic distance on Saturday. I am sure it will be a great day out!iliketojog

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HiI am new to the Zurich area, and would like to meet others in a casual atmosphere. Are there any afterwork or social get-togethers that I could sign up for?Thanks for some tips.Carol

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Can anyone tell me where to go to watch the last 3 World Cup games this week. I live just outside of Basel.ThanksSteve

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Our neighbours son is 6 years old, and ours is 5. We would like them to be involved in some kind of sports during the summer, at best English speaking - tennis, soccer, baseball. Is that possible in the Zug area, does anyone know? Appreciated, sheila

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We have friends arriving on Friday, and I am not sure about if I can pickt them up at the airport. Is it easy to catch a train to Zug directly. Would it easy for them to find? Would appreciate your help. sheilab

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do i need a fishing licence to fish in lakes and brooks in Switzerland? I haven't seen people fishing yet, but then again maybe the season is closed. Where can I find out that information? Was wondering if i should have my gear sent over.Steve

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Have friends visiting in July who golf, anyone who can reccomend a place to play near Zurich or to the east or south with 45 minutes drive? Thanks Lea

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