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Wow, Switzerland won their first game in the soccer World Cup - lots going on with it all. Does anyone know where in Basel to go and watch the games?Hans

started by: skiier · last update: 1276757403 · posted: 1272376258

Will be planning a trip in the fall, can anyone reccomend an English speaking travel agency in Bern?Thanksskiier

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1276757197 · posted: 1276757197

I don't seems to see many golf courses (haven't seen any actually) in Switzerland. Is there enough room here to even have any, and 2. can you just drop your line into a river or lake and fish, or do you need a permit? Hope someone can tell me,judy

started by: Sporty-177372 · last update: 1276606248 · posted: 1276248746

Hi all, What does the law say in Switzerland about riding your bike and wearing a helmet? I guess (or hope) it's mandatory? thanks for your help.

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1275726349 · posted: 1275726349

Can anyone tell me where the best place is to watch the Rapperswil Triathlon tomorrow. I hear that there will be over 30'000 spectators!Thanksiliketojog

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1275561625 · posted: 1274948968

Hi folks. I am looking for a Bed & Breakfast type of accommodation, or apartment somewhere in the mountains during August . Any suggestions? Mona

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1275412150 · posted: 1274856060

HiI am a very sporty person when it comes to spectator sports - was wondering if there are any triathlons, or inline skating events that go on in June or July in the Zurich area to go and watch.Thanks for your inputCanuk

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1275126928 · posted: 1275060864

Hi. I read that there will be an exposition in Basel for English speakers. Can anyone tell me more?ThanksJenny

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1274791715 · posted: 1273790629

hello everyone. I am new to Switzerland, and want to read about life and living here. Can someone reccomend reading material to me. thanks Canuk

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1274705945 · posted: 1274705945

Has anyone heard what is going on with British Airways and the strike planned for today? BLW

started by: newgirlintown-177198 · last update: 1274691472 · posted: 1274457135

Hello allCan someone inform me if all of the stores are closed on Monday, May 24th? (Zug)Thanksnewgirlintown

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I have one ticket Basel Barcelona for tomorrow, May 3rd. Leave Basel at 08.30 Barcelona arrive 10.10. Return Thursday, May 6th, 17.00 - return Basel 18.20.Call me and I can change the name on the ticket and can give it to you tomorrow in Basel.076 4174727

started by: Aussie-177827 · last update: 1272706684 · posted: 1272273865

hi everybody, yesterday we finally got a sign of summer here... Does anybody know where I can check the water temperature of the major lakes in Switzerland? Starting to get excited to go swimming... thanks

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1272093536 · posted: 1272059755

Can anyone tell me about the flights in Switzerland, if they are back on course with flights again?ThanksSteve

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1271290345 · posted: 1271115521

I have friends coming to visit and during their last couple of days in Switzerland want to unwind and stay in Zurich. Can anyone recommend a hotel to stay for a couple of nights? Thanks iliketojog

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1271259438 · posted: 1270895609

As I'm not much of an indoor person, I would like to start doing my exercise on the various Vita Parcours. I guess going there and use it is for free (sorry, maybe a bit a silly question...)? Do exsist some kind of groups which meet and do the loop together?

started by: CurlCurl · last update: 1270753292 · posted: 1268228152

LandLockedBlues - The Guide to Live Music in Switzerland LandLockedBlues (Landlockedblues.wordpress.com) is a site devoted to live music in Switzerland. Now in our third month, we can offer previews of some of the most exciting gigs in the land, such as Shout Out Louds and Why? in Zurich, Kaki King in Geneva and Fribourg, and Crystal Antlers in Lausanne. We are also offer reviews and the odd free download too and update every day. Go to landlockedbluesblog.wordpress.com to see what the fuss is about, and if anyone feels like writing for us, do get in touch.

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1270726973 · posted: 1265986714

Do Swiss children play baseball? (or adults for that matter) I can't recall ever seeing a baseball diamond. Thanks for a reply, Lea

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1267637123 · posted: 1266222272

Watching the Olympics makes me homesick for Canada, I love to see that Maple Leaf. Do any of you also feel that way. It makes me want to be around English speaking people more than usual. Are there andy expats meetings going on with people wanting to talk about sports? (not just guys.) Barb

started by: hans-177104 · last update: 1266949355 · posted: 1266917536

Just wanted to warn people who don't know about the strikes and flight cancellations all over Europe because of Lufthansa striking yesterday, and in France there are all sorts of problems. I wanted to fly to Nice yesterday, and now have to wait until tonight! What a pain. Check your flight status before heading out to the airport!Hans

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