started by: hans-177104 · last update: 1264169374 · posted: 1263591087

Can anyone tell me a cheap way to fly to the UK for a weekend shopping trip? Thanks Hans

started by: Kristen Engle · last update: 1263475571 · posted: 1262595368

I am looking for someone (preferably a woman, like me) to do some serious Winter mountain biking. I usually do Uetliberg, Zürichberg, but am open to other adventures. I usually ride mornings while my kids are in Kindergarten and on week-ends. I like to ascent as well as descent. Need not be English speaking. Ich kann auch Deutsch.

started by: skiier · last update: 1263328597 · posted: 1261641922

Hi. Living in Zurich it is hard to know where to go to find snow, it all melted here. Anyone living in the mountains that can give me an idea? 1000 meters or higher? Thanks and Merry Christmas. Skiier

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1262039670 · posted: 1261910440

Can anyone tell me more about the Spengler Cup Hockey tournament in Davos. Would like to go and see a game. Where can I get tickets?. What about transportation. Should we drive or take the train? iliketojog

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1261383850 · posted: 1260609188

I can't seem to find any squash courts around, can someone tell me where there is a place to play?ThanksDenis

started by: fordforever · last update: 1261217202 · posted: 1260649563

We live in Malters and would like to go skiing somewhere close by, like a 1/2 hour 45 drive with small kids. Can anyone suggest an area?thanks in advancefordforever

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1261211458 · posted: 1261125575

Can someone suggest a way for friends to travel coming for the holidays. They have a flight booked here next week. I don't have a vehicle, but they would like to go skiing for a few days and see the country. Thanks mg

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1260784365 · posted: 1260784365

i was surprised to see the stores open yesterday in the city! sunday shopping wow. is that everywhere in switzerland before christmas? iliketojog

started by: justwondering · last update: 1259053305 · posted: 1258966105

Been watching the weather reports, and am very surprised that Switzerland doesn't have snow yet? Is that normal at this time of year? justwondering

started by: kram-177107 · last update: 1258533553 · posted: 1258326721

Are there any clubs that welcome occasional newcomers in Lucerne? Wouldn't mind going for an after work drink with people to get acquainted? Thanks Kram

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1258533381 · posted: 1258533381

Does anyone know of Christmas markets in Basel or Bern, and when and where they take place? Judy

started by: handyguy · last update: 1258482867 · posted: 1252705405

Greetings My wife and I have just arrived in Switzerland and are avid fishermen. Has anyone out there done any fishing here, and for what?

started by: ianshine-177322 · last update: 1258334054 · posted: 1249656116

90minutesonline.com is looking for new writers for the 2009/10 season. 90minutesonline provides English language coverage of football leagues from across the world. After a successful first season covering Italy, Holland, Portugal, Germany, England, Spain and South Korea, we're now looking to expand our geographical spread and team of writers. If you can write one or two articles a week about the domestic league of the country you live in, preferably with a humorous edge, we're interested in hearing from you. As 90minutesonline is a fairly new project, we cannot offer payment at the moment, but this is a great chance for aspiring journalists to get a regular byline and writing practice. The first 90minutes magazine will be coming out shortly, and more will follow over the course of the season. If you're interested in writing for 90minutesonline, please send an email stating the league you're interested in writing about and a piece of no more than 800 words about any football issue to 90minutesonline@gmail.com

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1258216728 · posted: 1258213040

I have friends coming for 2 weeks in the spring, and are worried about renting a car. What sort of train passes are available to tourists? Thanks Jenny

started by: skiier · last update: 1258213120 · posted: 1257502763

I have a stable Ski Wax table from Toko with clamps, New price was SFr. 500, selling for 300.00 Skiier

started by: justwondering · last update: 1257942550 · posted: 1254139581

Can someone tell me if the train half price passes are also valid on ski hills in the wintertime? Thanks justwondering

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1257587116 · posted: 1257264774

Can anyone recomend a place to stay during the Christmas holidays for a family of 4 for 2 weeks. We would like to learn to ski. Many thanks sheilab

started by: skiier · last update: 1256867675 · posted: 1255993951

Can someone reccomend a website for cheap flight to canada in january? thanks a lot skiier

started by: Sporty-177372 · last update: 1256356350 · posted: 1256172306

X-mas countdown is running... Can anybody tell me if the are any Sunday shopping opportunities in November or December? Maybe in Lucerne or Zurich? Thanks for the help.

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1255734073 · posted: 1255734073

I am looking for a good place to meet new people in Lucerne or Zug after work for a drink or good talk. Not sure where to start. mg

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