An Introduction to Sake Brewing in Japan

from Sep 26th 2019 to Sep 26th 2019


    Sake is more than just the national and most popular alcoholic beverage in Japan. No Shinto ceremony is complete without sake, no banquet is left without sake, nor is it devoid of religiously inspired rites.
    In a country otherwise known for automating so many processes, the sake brewing so intimately linked to the Japanese identity remains a question of an enormous amount of work and human know-how, that of the Tōji-san, the master brewer. Keeping long lineages of brewers alive, who pass on ancestral knowledge from father to son over centuries, make Sake also a human gateway to the past.
    Matthieu Zellwegeraward-winning photographer, joins us again on September 26, 2019 for an introduction to the heritage of sake brewing. The presentation will be followed by a sake tasting, during which Matthieu will surprise us with new sake-food combinations to explore. Furthermore, through his book Secrets of Rice and Water he unveils in images and texts some of the lesser-known aspects of sake brewing.