Joe Löhrmann • Zurich • With the piano around the world

from Oct 30th 2019 to Oct 30th 2019


Joe Löhrmann - With the piano around the world 
An evening full of music, pictures and stories


          It always takes a lot of luck to experience Joe Löhrmann and his " Traveling Piano " live. For the musician, who travels around the world on wheels and his Bulli with his 400-kilogram piano, usually plays spontaneously: at sunset by the sea, in the middle of the mountains or in beautiful squares in the city. Just in those places that inspire him to his touching compositions.

          In the summer, these are primarily his beloved nature concerts , where the experience of the music in the open air in the foreground. In autumn, he invites his audience to cozy concert halls, which he fills with his pianistic music, touching pictures and entertaining travelogues.

            Just don’t miss it!