Talks & Workshops

Yoga Retreat- Spain from Aug 25th 2016 to Jul 22nd 2017
There are many awesome retreats organized by the OpenYoga Studio for the lovers of yoga excitement, and the one in Spain is among the most challenging one.  Experience 7 days of meditation, interactive workshops, organic delicious breakfast and much more in a totally magnificent place. &nbsp...
Orange Cinema Zurich from Jul 1st 2017 to Aug 31st 2017
The outdoor cinemas are quite popular all over the world, and there’s nothing more awesome than seeing your favourite movies under the open sky. So, make sure you’re making the most out of your leisure time during summer and, go for the “fun” at the Orange Cinema.  
Ironman Triathlon from Jul 24th 2017 to Jul 24th 2017
When it comes to sporting events, there are many challenging things happening in Zurich such as the “Ironman Triathlon” that is the biggest event of its kind in the country.  So, don’t think twice and, make sure you’re among the participants. Be the winner!  
Coaching Application from Nov 21st 2017 to Nov 21st 2017
Are you looking for a job and you have no idea if your application is okay? Discover if your CV really fits today by joining the upcoming coaching application event. An intensive workshop that will help you become successful and have very good results in terms of starting your career.  
16th World Congress on Nutrition from Sep 18th 2017 to Sep 20th 2017
When it comes to forums and conferences, there are many amazing things happening in Zurich. For example, if you have a particular interest on the Nutrition topic, now you can register for the 16th edition of the World Congress Nutrition that will be held this autumn.    
9th International Conference on Structural Biology from Sep 18th 2017 to Sep 19th 2017
Don’t miss out some of the greatest International Conferences that are taking place in Zurich. For example, if you’re working in the Structural Biology field, you might want to be part of the upcoming gathering. Seems that there are loads of surprises ready for the 9th edition of the event. &nbsp...
Digital Photography Course 3 from Jul 20th 2017
Want to learn more about digital photography? Then this starter class is just the thing for you. At this beginners' course learn how to master basic skills and take control creatively with your camera. Register online to take part - group numbers are strictly limited. Sessions are 2 x 2 hour session...